Your wedding emergency kit

I’ve created a list of items that should be in your wedding emergency kit!After several hundred weddings, I’ve started noticing that there are several items that are always asked for.
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Here’s what happens when couples find themselves without an wedding emergency kit:

  • You’ll be sending someone out to Walgreens or CVS – whether it’s a bridal party member or a family member.
  • Your wedding day may run late – depending on if they can find it or not on the first try, and how far away the drugstore is!
  • Stress. Unnecessary and avoidable stress.
  • You’ll wish you read and listened to everything I wrote below about the wedding emergency kit! 😉

“But Nicole, my venue coordinate will have it.”

Yes, they might. Unless someone from the wedding yesterday stole the pair of little tiny scissors by accident. It’s ideal to have your own little kit. It’ll be useful for future travel or if you’re part of a bridal party for a future wedding. You could always gift your kit to your friend with the Mary Poppins back. Everyone has that friend, and you know for a fact that the friend would love you forever!

The Must Haves of your wedding emergency kit

  • Tiny scissors Perfect for clipping price tags and the most irritating things in the world: clothing straps. When not being used for a wedding emergency kit, you can use them to trim mustaches, nose hair, beard hair, or eyebrows.
  • Sewing kit with a thimble and thread Get a thread color that’s close to your wedding dress and also a thread color that matches your bridesmaids dresses. If you don’t have to use this, then I’ll be extremely happy for you. However, if in the awful situation that a zipper doesn’t want to zip up, or if a zipper breaks, I can guarantee you that safety pins will likely not be strong enough. It also won’t look quite as nice either. I’ve sewn in many people’s zippers shut. My mother would be so proud of me.

  • Safety pins– The kit above has a few safety pins already and even though it’s not ideal to use safety pins to fix broken zippers, they are useful for a plethora of other things! Be sure to have a few different sizes, which of course also have different strengths!

  • Aspirin, ibuprofen, or TylenolHeadaches comes in all different types and forms, often during when we want them the least. Weddings are sometimes stressful situations. Throw in a hangover from the night before, and a little bit of dehydration, and your headache can be debilitating. Tylenol may be important for women who are pregnant or might be pregnant.

      • We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions!


          • MS For the tummy aches

          • Band aids – It’s funny how the post painful things are sometimes paper cuts

          • For your face, mouth, hair, and eyes

                              • Glasses – Just in case your eyes get irritated, and you want a break from the your contacts

                      For your nails

                        • Nude

                            For your feet

                                • Comfortable shoes for after the ceremony: GUESS Women’s Flowurs Sneaker, White, 8""“>wedged sneakers, or

                                  Time of the month

                                    • In case there are bugs

                                        Your wedding emergency kit in case it gets cold

                                          • Products to remove stains off of wedding dresses 

                                            • f

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