Kunal’s summer garden surprise proposal

A perfect day for a milestone

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in Boston. The perfect kind of day to go to the park and walk around. While most people were just out enjoying the weather, Kunal was orchestrating a big surprise. He planned to propose.

Lots of family members were waiting for the big reveal. Parents, aunts and uncles, and friends all flew in from Texas and North Carolina. They waited under a tree for Kunal and his beautiful fiancée to meet them. June 6th was already a special date for the two of them since it marked their 10-year anniversary.

He dropped down on one knee on the Public Garden bridge. People clapped and congratulated them as they walked by but I doubt they even noticed any of it. They were in a moment together and just loved each other. I loved seeing how happy, not only they were, but also their families. Everything laughed and smiled and hugged.

I’m so glad to have been able to capture this moment. Kunal and his gorgeous fiancée make complete sense. We wish them all the best as they continue on their journey together. Thank you for letting me encapsulate this precious milestone for you!

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