Sledder flies Air Loeb

Our pup got jealous that we travel without her.  (Yes, she told us so.)

On a clear, sunny day, Jason and I strapped on flying gear (aka the lightest clothing we have) and set off for Provincetown to pick up one of our friends, Rodger, who would be finishing the PMC challenge (190 miles of cycling over two days) from western MA to the Provincetown.  We bought doggie aviation headsets called “mutt muffs” for Sledder and off we went!  Sledder has now reached almost 6,000 ft in the air in a tiny little piper warrior plane, piloted by none other than Jason… or Air Loeb.

FYI – Air Loeb is the cheapest airline you’ll ever fly.  Not only is there no music, but the airline also requires you to bring your own snacks.  How frugal of them…

For the 2-3 hours that she’s awake in the day, she’s an excitable and curious furball.  For the other hours that she’s not, she’s a lazy and sleepy sack of potatoes.

You can tell how excited she was to try her new mutt mutt muffs!

“What do you MEAN there are no peanuts on this flight?!”

For the most of the flight home, she fell asleep in my lap.  I think the excitement wore off the first time.

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