Same-sex intimate wedding in Boston, MA – Karla + Abby

Me:  Wait, but I thought you’re already married?

Her:  We are, but now we’re making it official.

Me:  What are you talking about?  You had the whole white dress, destination wedding in NOLA, all that.  That wasn’t official?

Her:  We made the comittment to ourselves and each other, but it wasn’t official-official.

That was our conversation while we ate our vendor meals at a wedding that Karla and I were photographing together.  It reminded me that marriage isn’t about the fancy details and a gigantic party (though those are awesome benefits), but it’s about a promise – and that promise doesn’t necessarily need to be on paper in order to feel real.

Fast forward a few months later, on a rainy afternoon in Justice Leslie Zises‘ beautiful home, Karla and Abby made it official – with Karen and I as their wedding photographers and only attendees.  🙂  I can’t say this enough.  I AM SO HONORED.

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