Royal Sonesta wedding in Cambridge, MA – Jaime + Mike

“Ad astra per aspera”

I had the best latin teacher in high school. She was compassionate, understanding, and most of all – really cool. She talked about how she applied for the CIA when she was younger, and part of the application process. She didn’t care that I ate or did origami during her class (so long as I paid attention during her flash question-asking). She made learning a language fun, and I have huge respect for incredible educators like her.

A latin quote has always stuck with me: Ad astra per aspera. It translates to “To the stars through hardships”, and I fully believe in this. Difficult situations lead to character building. Real friendships are revealed. Stress, and pressure reveals personality. Several years ago, Jaime and Mike were dealt a difficult hand of cards. Mike’s father, who worked at the hospital as Jaime, unexpectedly passed. Several more awful situations occurred within weeks and months of losing Mike’s dad and I can only imagine how difficult this time was for the two of them. However, through it all, the two were always there for each other. They rearranged schedules, made sure that the other came first, cared for each others’ families, and showed true compassion and selflessness. Jaime says that she can’t imagine not being together. I agree with her. The support that the two have for each other is immeasurable and it’s heartwarming to know that they’ve found such solid trust in one another.

Their wedding was beautiful. The wedding ceremony was at St. Thomas in Wilmington MA and their reception was at the Cambridge river waterfront – Royal Sonesta! The most beautiful thing, however, was not the venues or any of the other apparent details. It was a little thing that Jaime had made for Mike: specially made cufflinks so that Mike could remember his father.

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