Chinese wedding at Revere Hotel in Boston

Amy and Nelson’s Revere Hotel wedding photos reflect the happiness of their day!

Their wedding was filled with smiles, family, and emotion. Happy tears were shed! Anyone could tell simply from looking at the two of them that they share an incredible bond.

They urge each other to try new things – even if those things are intimidating!

“We are different and similar in a number of ways – allowing us both to learn from one another in ways we might not as individuals.” Nelson noted that he tends to be more outgoing, and that Amy prefers to sit back and listen. “Yet, Amy is direct and asks hard questions,” he said. These two balance each other out in incredible ways, and their personalities mesh effortlessly. For instance, they both urge each other to try new things… even if those things are intimidating!

Their wedding had a celebratory dance with nine lions!

Both Amy and Nelson are involved in martial arts. Nelson does tai chi, and Amy teaches kung fu. Her Kung Fu brothers, sisters, junior assistants, and students came to her wedding to perform the dance! It was truly special to see, and the joy on Amy and Nelson’s faces is impossible to miss. 🙂

Amy and Nelson’s wedding was a day of celebration and smiles; we hope that their Revere Hotel wedding photos will help them remember the joy of their wedding day!

Special thanks to the wonderful team that we had the pleasure of working with for Amy & Nelson’s Revere Hotel wedding photos!

Ceremony: Revere Hotel
Groom’s tux: Brooks Brothers
Florist: Alyssa Gavlik from A Floral Thing
Violinist: Shelia Fiekowsky of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Caterer: Revere Hotel (Cocktail Reception) & Hei La Moon Restaurant (Banquet)
Makeup and hair: Gina Mellone
Dragon Dance: Sifu Mai Du & Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy

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