7 Tips for Rainy Day Wedding Photos in Boston

Rain, Rain, Go away. Today is my effing wedding day! It’s the one thing that Boston wedding couples cannot control – the weather. Boston locals know that can have a blizzard, a heatwave, hail, and 100% humidity all in one week! I wanted to write this blog about Rainy Day Wedding Photos in Boston because it’s a source of stress for many couples. There are seven tips here, but really – only listen to tip #1.

Hire a photographer that is a problem solver

If you hire someone who knows their stuff, you won’t have to worry about rain. Your wedding photographer will already have clear umbrellas in his/her trunk, have already researched Google map of potential rain locations, and has already let your hair stylist know to pass along an extra bottle of hairspray for touchups later.

You can hire a novice photographer to just take photos – or you can hire an experienced photographer to ensure that no matter what the weather looks like, you’ll have amazing photos of your wedding day.

All the same, the thought of downpour on a wedding day is stressful, and I have some tips that I’d like to share!

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Be Prepared with rain gear!

Your wedding photos will be treasured memories, so make sure you are prepared to make them perfect no matter what. This means investing in matching umbrellas for the wedding parties, packing raincoats or wraps, and bringing waterproof footwear. These extra measures will ensure that everyone looks stylish while remaining dry in your rainy day wedding photos in Boston. And if you don’t use them, all the better – you’ll have functional items that will last for years. 

Make it Fun

Rain doesn’t have to put a damper on this momentous occasion. Your photographer will likely have some ideas, but you should do your best to make the most out of it. Splash around in the rain with your spouse and pose for silly photos with the rest of the party. If the rain comes at the end of the night, you may be able to convince your friends and family members to embrace the wetness. After all, clothes can be dried, and these memories will last a lifetime! 

Be Willing to Adapt

You probably have a set plan in mind for your wedding, and that’s okay. But it is important to be adaptable, as anything can happen. If it’s raining too hard outside for photos, head to the cocktail reception early and encourage people to dance. You can sneak out for pictures when the rain lets up. You may have been relying on a beautiful sunset photo, but you can create memories that are just as beautiful at the end of the night. 

Know Your Priorities

The rain may mean that you have to cut out certain photos or locations that you had in mind. Pick the most important people and places before your wedding so that you can pare down the number of photos easily and without regret. You might not be able to get the nature photos that you wanted, but you can still capture your night on film at the wedding venue. 

Research Backup Locations for rainy day wedding photos in Boston

If you had outdoor areas in mind but the rain gets too intense, you will probably have to move everything inside. Scope out some local places (hotels, museums, conservatories, etc.) that might make for great photos and keep those in mind in case it rains. You don’t want to be stuck shuffling for ideas at the last minute.

We also had a couple of oddities come up that Karen, Nicole’s associate photographer, handled like a champ, namely that we had we had terrible, unseasonal weather (50s, raining… in May…), and also my MIL’s unbeknownst-to-me superstition about having portraits with only 3 people in them. They got some beautiful shots that took advantage of the gray lighting and even let us use their white lighting umbrella as a real umbrella in the rain. Furthermore, after the rain itself had cleared up, they managed to use some crazy photography magic to create some sunset shots, despite the fact that it was only 3pm and still super cloudy – MAGIC!


Accept that you cannot change the weather

Channel your efforts (and your stress) towards something else. As you know, you can’t control the weather. If you spend all week looking at the forecast, you are sure to take away from your own enjoyment of your special day. Accept that rain might happen and that you’ll have to roll with it if it does. You’ll wake up on your wedding day in a much better mood. 

I’ll say this again – experienced Boston wedding photographers usually have a list of locations that they have access to for Boston rainy day locations. I do. I won’t share them publicly, because then I won’t have the spots to myself, anymore.

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