Elopements start at 2200
Wedding photography starts at 6500 with Nicole and at 5000 with Karen or Masao.
Wedding videography starts at 5500.

For destination weddings, let’s chat and create something custom tailored for your event.


FAQ: Wedding photography and videography costs

What do your wedding photography and videography packages include?

Most couples book our photography and videography team for 6-16 hours on a wedding day. All of our collections include an online gallery so that you can download your digitals and for your family and friends to order their own prints.

Our wedding videography team produces two different types of films: 

The first film is your Highlight Film, which is 5 minutes in length. Your Highlight Film is your cinematic movie trailer or your wedding day!

The second film is a Clean Edit. It’s the complete start to finish of your entire ceremony. As an add-on, we can also produce Clean Edits of your reception formalities (first dance, parent daces, and toasts)

How many wedding photographers and videographers will be at my wedding?

Click here to read: Do I need a second photographer at my wedding?
All video coverage includes two videographersTwo videographers: A lead and a second videographer

How much does it cost to hire a photographer for a wedding?

Here are some ballpark figures for wedding photo teams in Boston:

Student photographers and weekend warriors are between $2000-$5000
Full-time photographers who are experienced, have proper business insurance, systems and service are $5000-10000
High-end full-time photographers are $10000+

What is a “weekend warrior”?

A weekend warrior is someone who takes photos and/or videos as a side hustle. They often have a full time job, with a salary and are usually doing this for the additional income or for the love of it. 

Should I hire an amateur wedding photographer who is just starting out or a weekend warrior? 

You could. As listed above, it could be significant cost savings. However, it depends on how much you prioritize your wedding photography and videography. 

Everyone has heard of wedding nightmare stories – lost their footage, hard drive crashed, wouldn’t returns phone calls or e-mails, missed moments, had to wait 9-12 months for their photos, unprofessional on the day of the wedding, bad support and disorganized before the wedding, etc. 

Here’s what I can say about my team. This is our entire life. This is how we pay our rent and put food on the table. Photography and videography is 100% of our income. We live it and we breathe it every day. 

Your experience is so important to us, because if you have a bad experience with our studio, not only will we feel terrible, but it’s awful for our reputation. We will then be out of a job, and like I mentioned before, I do not want to go back to cubicle prison! (Mom, it’s also too late for me to go to medical school. That ship has sailed)

Our photo and video team has a lot at stake here. I hope that through our phone calls and the photographer reviews from previous clients, you’ll know how passionate I am about this studio and what I do. Our team has a lot at stake here. 

Wedding photography prices vary all across the board, in different regions, cities, states and countries. Everyone starts somewhere – whether they be student photographers or weekend warriors. I have my own opinions on how photographers and videographers should be mentoring under established businesses before branching out on their own and taking unnecessary risks with a wedding couple’s big day, but that’s a rant for another time. 🙂 

When should you hire a wedding photographer and videographer in Boston?

If getting your first choice of wedding photographers and videographers is important to you, we recommend booking the wedding photo and video team 12-18 months in advance. 
It is more often than not that we will say, “Unfortunately, we are unavailable” and then the couple says, “WHAT?! How are you already booked for all of the Saturdays in the summer/fall already?”. Once I figure out human cloning, I’ll let you know. 

What is the difference between a second photographer and an assistant?

Every team considers these terms a little differently. Here’s how we define our team responsibilities:

Second photographer: A fully fledged photographer with a high degree of technical and creative skill who can work independently in a different location from the lead photographer while simultaneous events are happening. For example, a lead photographer may be with one spouse during getting ready, and the second photographer will be photographing the other spouse. Trusted second photographers may also take over traditional lead responsibilities and “safe” angles, so that the lead photographer may take the more creative approach. 

Assistant: A non-photographing individual responsible for helping the team with equipment – cleaning, organizing, setting up, batteries, carrying, etc. as well as other important tasks (driving, parking, coordinating timelines, arranging people during portraits, etc.) so that the photographers and videographers can better capture moments.

Our team members are fully vetted and we work together all the time. Many other teams find second photographers and assistant from craigslist a week or two before the wedding, and while I’m sure it works out for them, the ultra-prepared control freak in me would like to know who I’m working with, so that I can have ultimate trust in them. 

Here’s a guide we wrote on benefits of hiring a photo and video team from the same company 

Are albums included in a wedding photographer’s prices?

Most of our wedding photography prices includes an album as well as digitals. Your wedding album is not only your first family heirloom, but it truly brings your photographs to life. We also believe in the power of showing off your photos in a non-digital device method!

For a few couples, they prefer to go digital only, and that’s okay, too.
I’m happy to talk to you about both so that we can decide if you’re interested in them! 

How much do engagement photos cost? When should you take your engagement photos?

I want to learn all about you and your wedding.

I’ll explain detailed wedding photography prices via phone once I understand some basics about your wedding day!

Boston wedding photography prices
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