Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary wedding with Birding Hour and JP Licks Ice Cream Bar! Brian + Greta

Greta and Brian‘s wedding morning started off with a 30 minute hike for their Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary wedding. Our goal for the ceremony spot was the Bluff Overlook. Their immediate families trailed closely behind them as we meandered through the trails. 

Brian’s 20-year-old sister wore a Winnie the Pooh fleece onesie (ring BEAR-er, get it?)

and carried a Hunny Pot with the wedding rings.

Fun fact: Brian 3D printed this Hunny Pot. However, that’s not the only thing that Brian 3D printed. Oh, it’s just the beginning.  Most of the table centerpieces were combination of laser cutting, 3-D printing, and a whole lot of nerdy wonderfulness: His and Hers Sprit and Opportunity Mars Rovers, Bender Robot from Futurama, Humming bird with flower, Laser-etched pencils, SpaceX Dragon and Dragon V2 pencil holders, NASA Crawler Transport, and so much more! 

During our hike up to the ceremony spot, we saw frog and salamander eggs, hummingbirds, hawks, all sorts of fern, and even some chunky slugs. We selected a stunning location on some large boulders overlooking the trees.

Their wedding ceremony included quotes from Yoda.

Their weddings vows included a, “I love you more than chocolate”.  Immediately after Brian and Greta were married, Greta’s mother gave them hats that said “Maui’d”. I’m so excited to hear about their hiking and kayaking adventures when they come back from the honeymoon in Maui and Kauai! I wish them incredible weather as they explore the Na Pali coastline and hope that they eat ALL of the coconuts they can!

Guests arrived to a welcome sign inviting them to create their own custom trail mix!

They were also introduced to a table full of custom laser-etched pencils and a map of the hiking trails. The most important thing on this table was the bird search!

Instead of cocktail hour, Bryan and Greta had a birding hour!

Their thought behind their unique wedding approach was simple, they wanted everybody to have fun and relaxed. Guests arrived in all sorts of athletic wear: hiking boots dry fit shirts, yoga pants, sweatshirts, and sneakers. Some were advanced hikers. Some have never even looked thought to look at a bird before. Everybody had a great time participating in the bird search, especially because if they successfully checked off at least five birds, they would be entered into a raffle to receive one of the custom 3D printed centerpieces to take home.

Brian and Greta had the the Rolls Royce of all ice cream bars.

At 3 PM, the main reason why Brenda and Brian didn’t have a simple City Hall wedding arrived: 12 tubs of JP licks ice cream! The winner a.k.a. the most eaten ice cream was brownie batter quickly followed by peanut butter Cookies and cream.

As wedding favors, they custom created 3D bird houses that contained a laser cut jigsaw puzzle and a Cadbury chocolate egg. Brian loves bird photography. Greta loves birding. On their second date, they hiked together. The two have come on these trails many times and it was a perfect setting for their Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary wedding ceremony. Brian had said that it felt weird to be on these trails without a camera, I told him that I would gladly give him one of mine.

Congratulations to one of the most unique, quirky, and fun weddings I’ve ever attended. Congratulations!!

Special thanks to Lindsay Hite for being an amazing 2nd photographer 🙂 

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