Lyman Estate wedding in Waltham, MA – Sarah + Eric

Gary Kremen is the thank for a handful of marriages, but I’d put money down that one of the most beautiful relationships is Sarah and Eric’s. Both are brilliant, patient, and geuninely kind souls. Both have smiling eyes, warm families, and a fantastic sense of unique style. Word on the street says they have super awesome conversations – a topic a few months ago was about how their dog interprets a world without color.  I’d pay big bucks to be a fly on their wall just to listen in on a conversation like that!

“We had a series of great dates (including a fun first date at Saccos Bowling Alley), and then Sarah sat Eric under a tree and told him she wasn’t ready to date. Being the great guy that he is – he said that was fine, and that we should stay friends. And he then proceeded to continue to invite Sarah to awesome things that he was doing with his friends and neighbors (freighbors) including a freighbor house crawl where each house had a different theme. Eric is easy to fall for (so says Sarah) – as he is incredibly thoughtful and continually goes above and beyond to help his friends. Sarah is easy to fall for (so says Eric) because she is a thoughtful person who helps Eric to be more reflective and slow down. He also enjoyed bringing out her childish/giddy side.  On New Years day, we found ourselves back at Saccos Bowling Alley, holding hands, grinning wildly and beginning our adventure.”
I try, with all my might, to approach each subject that I photograph with an open heart. I feel for their families and I feel for their words (especially when they read the Winnie the Pooh story at their ceremony). As I’ve mentioned before, Foundation Workshops has really opened my eyes in some technical aspects of photography, but also blew my heart and mind wide open as to what can be possible when you really invest yourself in the people that I am privileged to photograph. I’m really proud of the images that I created for Sarah and Eric. Thanks, Foundation.  Thanks, Sarah and Eric.  You all rock. Lastly, my buddy,Tasneem came from Dubai to photograph this wedding with me.  Tess, you inspire me so much. Thank you.

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