Love at Bentley University in Waltham, MA – Theeda + Mark (and Momo)

I’m an excitable person.  I am over the moon when I get extra coconut jellies in my mango desserts!  However, nothing excites me more than watching my friends’ relationships blossom.  In highschool, I was active on a blogging platform called Xanga.  I joined an accepted Bentley students group on Xanga and Mark was one of the first to welcome me!  Prior to orientation, there was a weekend called ALANA – a multicultural program that spanned over a long weekend before freshman week orientation.  I met some of my best friends there, and it was truly one of the most privotal times of my life.

Fast forward a year later, Mark continued to stay involved with ALANA and also met Theeda there.  He fondly calls her an outgoing spark of life – and since then, not much has changed.  Theeda is constantly smiling and cheerful.  Incredibly enough, her happy persona rubs off on quiet, reserved (and sometimes grumpy) Mark.  (kidding… sorta)  🙂

Together, they’ve rescued an adorable feline family member named Momo.  Mark has introduced Theeda to the world of pets and animals.  At first, Theeda was a bit timid to hold him.  Now, they can’t imagine life without him.

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