Library-themed engagement shoot in Boston Commons – Molly + Matt

“It sounds silly, but for me it was love at first sight. I remember driving home after our first date and thinking, ‘I think I’m going to marry this man.’” Molly wasn’t alone in her thinking, but for Matt, that thought independently popped up in his mind during the next date, which lasted over 13 hours! The two animal lovers had part of their second date at a zoo. They now live together with two adorable dogs! I loved getting to know Molly and Matt’s pups, Button (a Bichon mix) and Willa (a goofy Labradoodle), during their library-themed engagement session in the Boston Commons. It was uber appropriate since Molly is a librarian and Matt loves Stephen King novels.

The two are one of Dr. Neil Clark’s success stories and fondly talk about their first date at El Sarape in Weymouth on New Year’s Day. They were kicked out of the restaurant because they clicked so well and didn’t stop talking. 🙂

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