Indian wedding at Omni Providence Hotel wedding, Sri + Sushant

Photographed by: Karen

Sri and Sushant, married this past weekend at their Omni Providence Hotel wedding, complement each other perfectly. Sri, an extrovert, loves to meet people. She’s spontaneous and is describes herself as quirky! Sushant is more structured, more of an adrenaline junkie, focused, and a thoughtful introvert. When I asked why they think they work, Sri said that they work because they don’t bore each other and always keeps the other on their toes! Additionally, the pair never run out of conversation.

For some, it takes several years of getting to know another person to know that they’re “the one”. For Sri, she knew on the second date. For Sushant, it only took him ten minutes! On their first date, she wore a white dress. He wanted to sit on a NYC park bench, and she was a little puzzled. She put her scarf down and sat on it, so that her dress wouldn’t get dirty. Sushant thought this was very lady like. The second date was a longer one – 6 hours! They started at the Whitney museum, then walked the highline for an overcast sunset. They continued to the VR exhibit at Samsung, played laser tag, people watched in a corner booth, and then danced in the street to Ed Sheeran. 

I love Sri’s family thoughtfulness. Sri’s brother sewed all of the flowers on Sri’s dress. It took him 12 hours, and this act of dedication is not only beautiful, but so meaningful. Another favorite part of this Providence Indian wedding was that the traditional father and daughter dance was not a dance, but a song!
Throughout the multi-day Indian wedding celebrations, I kept overhearing wonderful things about Sri and Sushant individually, but also about the two of them as a couple. Something I continuously heard over and over, was how caring Sri is and how she loves to take care of people. Her sister said that Sri cooked for her so that she wouldn’t starve. Her family echoed that Sri is a wonderful planner, evident by their latest family vacation to Greece. Sushant’s family is also very important to him. I love that he moved to NYC to be close to his family and so that he could be there for his niece. He also has a soft spot for animals, a born-again vegetarian. After watching the documentaries about animals, he felt badly for them, and though Sri’s a foodie, Sushant stays strong and prefers vegetables. 
Their Omni Providence Hotel wedding was nothing short of stunning. From a beautiful backdrop of Roger Williams park for their traditional Indian ceremony to the vivid ballroom that they had their reception in, their love for their family and friends very much shows. They are generous with their time and love, and I am so happy that they found each other. Sri and Sushant, I wish you two the best of luck. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your day and create these memories for you. P.S. Sri, you looked flawless!
Photography: Karen, Associate for Nicole Chan Photography 
Decor: Shoba, Alankar Designs
DJ, Music, and Lighting: DJ Yogi, Boston Sound & Light

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