Indian wedding at Danversport Yacht Club – Sapna + Eric

Sapna and Eric, I said this a handful of times during your wedding, but you two are gross… the kind of cutesy gross that any couple would be LUCKY to have… the kind of i-love-everything-about-you gross that I hope will never ever fade. There are so many parts of the day that are memorable for me. The most powerful was their first look. Many couples approach me with the question of, “What do you think of a first look?” Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. Sometimes, I think they’re logistically awesome. Sometimes, I think that the first look gets pushed back, and we end up having only 5 minutes for first look + all portraits, and we end up dipping into cocktail anyway. In short, I have no preference. I’ll get my portraits no matter what – even if I have to speak a bit more quickly! 🙂 For Sapna and Eric’s first look, it was the most perfect moment that I could’ve ever imagined. It was just the two of them. It didn’t incorporate anything fancy. It was just the two of them. He walked up the stairs to the bridal suite of the Danversport Yacht Club, saw her, and almost immediately, tears flowed. …and not just theirs, mine too. They laughed in between their tears. They squeezed each other’s hands. They stared at each other. It elevated the excitement of the two of them getting married in one short hour away. The cool thing about Indian weddings is that typically, the bride changes outfits for the reception. Sapna changed into a stunning flowy white gown and donned incredible silver-colored jewelry. A second first look appeared, and this time, there were still tears, but there was more of, “WOW”. Eric’s eyes literally bugged out of his head. They’re some of my favorite first look images I’ve ever seen and created. He said she looked like Cleopatra!

Eric and Sapna are both physically beautiful people and to add to that, that they are equally beautiful inside. The two of them fit so well together and a big point that I’ve taken from knowing them is to never underestimate the little things. Eric writes her little notes everyday (as well as sandwiches… until they found out that she had a gluten sensitivity!). In the morning, Sapna said that in the Indian culture, marriage is for seven lifetimes! They love spending time sitting on the couch together. Sapna is often found reading. Eric is usually drawing. They’ll play it low key and play a game (UNO or gin rummy) or hit up the library for a movie. Eric says, “Honestly, we love doing pretty much anything together.” Eric writes, “There were many moments that continued to propel my love for Sapna and my need for her to be the biggest part of my life. The first that, for me, became a turning point was the weekend my grandfather died, mid-February 2013 (a little over 6 months into our relationship). My plan was to go to Detroit to visit friends and then to Saginaw to be with family, but a call from my mom made me cut short my Detroit stay and rush home. His death was sudden and unexpected, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a couple years prior; he contracted pneumonia and passed away within a few days. To this day it is still difficult; he was a huge influence in my life, inspiring and full of love. Of course, I had to stay a few extra days longer than I was intending to attend the funeral. After a long, mentally exhausting weekend, I arrived back in Toronto late in the evening. When I walked in the door to my apartment, Sapna had surprised me with dinner. She was selflessly caring, supportive and genuinely relieved that I was home so she could comfort me. More than anything, she said, she wanted to be there for me when I got home. That is real love. I knew then that for any obstacles I faced in life, I would be infinitely stronger facing them with her.” Thank you for allowing me to document your day, Eric and Sapna. I fully enjoyed your brother dressing up like a snake charmer (complete with a stick on mustache) so that he could accompany your 83 year old grandma perform a dance dedicated to the two of you. I especially enjoyed the “laughing tears” during your vidai. As Sapna hugged her family goodbye at the end of the night, she threw rice and flowers over her head back towards her family. This represents repaying her family for all that they have given to her. Sapna explains to Eric, “This is me saying thank you for everything that they’ve done for me. It’s like paying back the rent. I’m yours now. You have to take care of me.”

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