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Hosting a Boston gay wedding offers same-sex couples a chance to celebrate their love in the city they call home. There are many unique venues and vendors to choose from, making the planning process fun and exciting. And of course, there’s nothing like celebrating your union with friends and family in one of New England’s most vibrant cities. Here are some tips for planning your perfect Boston gay wedding.

The first gay wedding in Massachusettes

Massachusetts became the first state in America to allow same-sex marriage when the Supreme Judicial Court ruled it as legal on November 18, 2003. The ruling came about after years of litigation and fighting for marriage equality on the Massachusetts legislature that started with unprecedented momentum way back during slavery times!

A couple of months later, on May 17th, 2004 the Commonwealth issued its first marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


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When it comes to gay weddings, there are a lot of myths and rumors that circulate. Some people think that they are just a big party, while others believe that they are just like any other wedding. The truth is, gay weddings can be a lot of fun and some things set them apart from traditional weddings.

If there’s one thing that gay weddings have proven, it’s that they can be just as much fun as traditional weddings. While there may be some differences in the details, the basic elements are all there: friends and family coming together to celebrate a union, good food, music, and dancing. Here are some of the biggest reasons why gay weddings are so much fun!

You can Re-invent Proposal Traditions!

There’s no question that proposals are a big deal. They mark the moment when two people decide to make a lifelong commitment to each other, and for most couples, there’s no more important ritual in their relationship. Same-sex couples who are thinking about getting engaged might want to consider mentioning that they’ve always loved how much you care and respect for each other. An intimate conversation can sometimes lead in the right direction!

But when you’re gay, proposing can present a unique challenge. There are so many traditional proposal ideas that simply don’t work for same-sex couples – from getting down on one knee to popping the question in public. So how do you re-invent proposal traditions for gay weddings? Here are some tips.

Traditionally, when a man proposes to his bride he must ask for permission from her father. But there’s no obligation in same-sex proposals and one knee? No way!

Engagement rings are often seen as a symbol of commitment and durability. For same-sex couples, this can be difficult because they don’t have the traditional bride and groom to represent them in their wedding ceremony or celebration with family members – but there’s no need to worry! You could buy an engagement gift beforehand that has similar sentimental value. From watches, to original songs, and even tattoos and a couple of trees- it’s actually up to the both of you.

Do Something Symbolic as Same Sex Couples

Unity sand– The newlyweds pour their colored sand into a vase, signifying that they have united two separate personalities to create something greater than either could do alone. When you get married, it is not just your life that becomes entwined with someone else’s. Your colors merge to form one beautiful whole in the shape of an elegant vase!

Handfasting – Handfasting is a pagan ritual that was originally used for weddings. The couple would cross their hands, and then guests or family members tied colored ribbons around them to symbolize loyalty in love.

Unity candle ceremony – Unity candle ceremonies are a beautiful way to represent the unity between two people. The candles serve as representations of you and your partner, which will be lit at the start of an event before being used later on in lighting up one large central flame.

Ring warming – You can make your wedding even more special by giving guests the chance to send their wishes for your future over a specially created ring. The rings will be handed to all those present at the event. The moment you put on one of these heart-warming pieces it feels as if everyone’s love has been channeled into its design – because after all isn’t marriage about building up hope?

Jumping the broom – as newlyweds, you decorate a broom and lay it on the floor. Then each of you takes turns jumping over it to symbolize sweeping away all our old ways to make way for what’s new. What do these rituals mean?  They represent breaking free from limitations that may be holding us back or preventing change so we can welcome whatever life brings with open arms!

Write your vows!

You may be thinking that your wedding is just a civil marriage solely or religious ceremony with standard legal statements, but there’s plenty of room for creativity afterward. If you want to say more than what the law requires then personalized vows are perfect – they let each person share their love story in front of those who matter most!

Your wedding day is a special time, so why not make it more personal? If you’re looking for ideas on how to add extra meaning to your ceremony then discuss this with the officiant first. Some registry offices may be stricter about what they allow but exchanging vows from deep within your heart will always come out beautifully no matter where they’re said!

Make Your Traditions

When you get married, it should be about celebrating your love for each other and being personal. As a same-sex couple in this day and age of equal marriage rights across the USA, don’t follow any tradition that doesn’t make sense to both partners. Instead, find new traditions which speak directly towards what matters most – YOUR UNION!

  • Cutting the cake and dancing are traditional wedding staples that have been around for ages. These rituals bring people together in an intimate way, which is why they’re still present at most weddings today!
  • Mixing up your dance choices is a great way to break the mold and do something different! You can go with any of these options:  A lesbian couple may both still choose to do a father-daughter dance or they could opt for two mothers together.
  • When it comes to tossing the wedding bouquet, most gay couples won’t have one at all whereas a lesbian couple might celebrate with two. You can either participate in this tradition or not depending on your preferences
  • Same-sex couples often face the challenge of carrying each other over the threshold. As an equal couple, try holding hands and entering your home together as equals

Unleash your Passion for Fashion

That’s right, same-sex weddings are still a relatively new concept. That means there aren’t any strict rules about what you should or shouldn’t wear for yours! So go ahead and dream big – because who knows how exciting it will be when all of those details come together in real life?

Things To keep IN mind

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No matter what your sexual orientation is, planning same sex marriages can be a daunting task. If you’re a gay couple, there are some specific things to keep in mind when planning your big day. Here are a few tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

It must be legal

Many countries will not issue same-sex couples with a marriage license, but fortunately, more and more legislation is starting to follow community attitudes of acceptance. You can find countless beautiful places across the world where you’ll be able to say “I do”

Secure your Guestlist

Wedding planning is hard enough without worrying about who will attend your wedding. But if you’re an LGBT couple, the task of creating a guest list becomes even more challenging – especially in today’s society where people can be extremely controversial and judgmental towards others’ life!With all the uncertainty in today’s world, one thing is for sure- your wedding will be surrounded only by loved ones who don’t judge you because of where they stand on issues such as gay marriage. Whether it works out or not doesn’t matter! All that matters at this point is how much support there is!Your wedding is a safe space for the gay community

To ensure that same sex unions is an inclusive and welcoming experience for everyone, you must find a venue that will not only accommodate but celebrate their identity. It may be helpful to chat with potential vendors or review testimonials from previous clients who have had same-sex weddings at this specific location before making any final decisions about where the ceremony/reception hall takes place!This is the perfect opportunity for you and your LGBT wedding guests to enjoy a stress-free day. With picking the right venue, everyone can relax in their comfortable surroundings without worrying about any prejudice

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Wedding Venues:


215 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, United States


4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215, United States


185 Lyman St, Waltham, MA 02452, United States


374 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, United States


900 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02482, United States


150 Empire St, Providence, RI 02903, United States



Same-sex couples have been able to legally walk down the aisle in Massachusetts since May 17, 2004!

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