Fall Easton country club wedding – Candy + Derek

When I asked Candy what she and Derek liked to do together, she said, “Breakfast, Naps, Indian Food, Paintball”.  Although, if I asked Derek, I’m sure that he’d re-order that and put paintball first! Their wedding at Easton Country Club was uniquely them.  From the purple accents in all of the decor – Candy’s favorite color, to Derek’s black on black on black” to framed Dr. Seuss quotes, their wedding was unique reflective of the two of them.

I am weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is weird. One day two people come together in mutual weirdness and fall in love.” – Dr. Seuss

They selected the Easton Country Club because of a two gorgeous rows of lined trees in the back of the country club. We hopped on golf carts and were able to create some awesome portraits of the two of them.

I loved that in the morning, Derek and his groomsmen were playing Magic cards as they waited for the ceremony to start. Also prior to the ceremony, Derek work a shirt that said “game over” with a cartoon drawing of two people getting married. When people asked him how he felt, he responded, “She’s been my wife for a long time now!”

I also love the little details the guys sported. Groomsmen were gifted silver iron man cufflinks and tie clips. The two ring bearers had colored iron man cufflinks. Candy gifted Derek the punisher cufflinks!

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