Estate at Moraine Farm wedding photos – Jenny and Matt

Jenny and Matt’s favorite things to do involve just being together. Whether it is hiking (which was their first date!) traveling, going to dinner, or visiting the local wineries, these two are happiest when they can do it together. Their Estate at Moraine Farm wedding photos show how much the two love each other’s company. Their wedding didn’t have a single moment that wasn’t filled with laughing or happy tears or just having a wonderful time with friends and family!
Michelle, Jenny’s younger sister and maid of honor, is very happy to see how amazing her sister and Matt are together. She describes Matt as an organized engineer who always wants to take care of Jenny, and she says that Jenny is more of a laid-back teacher and a free-spirit. “They’re really sweet together!” she says.
William and Dianne, Matt’s parents, wish for their son and their new daughter-in-law to remember their vows throughout their marriage. No matter what happens, these vows represent the reasons they are together! William and Dianne hope that Jenny and Matt will be more than just a husband and a wife — they hope they will stay best friends for life!
Matt and Jenny have a truly special connection, and the love they share can’t help but spread to those around them! They say that they click because they are always working as a team, and because “over time, we got to know each other and experience life together we realized how each of our unique personal qualities complemented what the other person needed, whether it was during times of sadness, encouragement, courage, or honesty. When you suddenly realize you don’t have to go through life moments alone and you can 100% trust and rely on another person it is truly a phenomenal feeling.”
Special thanks to the wonderful team that I had the pleasure of working with for Jenny and Matt’s Estate at Moraine Farm wedding photos!
Wedding coordinator: Amy from Fireside Catering / Moraine Farms
Bride’s dress: Christina’s Bridal Boutique – Andover MA
Groom’s tux or suit: Camille Beauge
Bridesmaid dresses: Flair Bridesmaid
Florist: Janet Lawot
Band or DJ: East Coast Soul
Caterer: Fireside Catering
Limo: American Classic Limousine Local Motion
Cake: Montilio’s Bakery
Videographer: Jim Merchant from Pirates Lane Video
Makeup and hair: Salon Navid
Sign Decor: Antea Amoroso

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