Forever Session | Marcie + Pichon

The Charles River and Marina Bay

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things. I love to hear stories as each person is different, and each couple has their own dynamic that influences their story. I want to be able to tell your story.

Marcie and Pichon’s story starts in the city. Since Marcie attended MIT, they spent a lot of time on the Boston/Cambridge line. They love the diversity that the city offers as well as all the yummy food (and wine) options! The afternoon of their forever session, I met with Marcie by the Charles River on the esplanade. She was alone, so we sat together and while we waited for her fiancé to arrive, she told me all about Pichon, their upcoming move to St. Louis, and planning their wedding in Atlanta. 

When Pichon arrived, we walked around the Esplanade and I could see everything we chatted about coming to life. The loving, tender, way that he holds her when he wraps his arms around her. Those big bear hugs with an extra long squeeze that tells Marcie that he will always have her back. They made each other laugh and smile, and it wasn’t hard to see how their relationship is one of a kind. It was the way that they nuzzle into each other as they enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine. Golden hour was just beginning and everything looked gorgeous. 

While they love the city, they call Quincy home in Massachusetts. Marina Bay will forever hold a special spot in their hearts. Marcie and Pichon like to spend as much time on the boardwalk as they can when the weather is cooperating! They love to come to Marina Bay to walk and talk and this is where they spent many a night getting to know each other. Whether they’re stopping in at the favorite restaurant or just walking down the boardwalk, Marina Bay is the perfect place to leave distractions at home and get away from the stress of a busy life to have some quality time together. The light was as perfect as it could have possibly been but that didn’t compare to the glow that just makes you want to spend more time with them and share in their happiness.

We wish them the best of luck for their move! Enjoy the amazing food and settling into your new home. Good luck with everything!

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