Endicott Estate wedding in Dedham, MA – Alison + Alex

All of my conversations lately have been surrounding the concept of dedication. Chad DiBlasio and I had a wonderful chat about commitment and how it separates the hobbyists from those that genuinely care. Karen  is working on an incredible underwater shoot, and putting in tremendous amounts of effort into pre-production as well as preparation for the post-production. Jason, after newly launching his first escape game, Trapology’s “Drunk Tank”, is diligently working on his second game, and spends every waking moment perfecting the kinks and sometimes electrocuting himself in the process of tweaking the magnet locks.

Extreme levels of effort are without a doubt, admirable and noteworthy. Everyone sitting in the beautiful dining room of the Endicott Estate recognized the great lengths that Alex and Alison have gone for the betterment of not only their wedding (like spray painting mason jars a matte gold color) but for their relationship. Alison stood up in front of her closest family and friends and thanked her husband, Alex, for being the amazing person that he is. She thanked him for driving 18 hours during a weekend only to spend 30 hours with her. She jokes about how he did what no American dreams of. He moved to Canada and left a career to enjoy his life with her.
Alison and Alex, I had a joy documenting your lovely family and friends. I loved that your flower girls, Olivia and Avery, were able to pick out their own lipsticks from Walgreens and apply it themselves. I hope that their future significant others will cherish these adorable images of their lipstick-smeared faces. I was IN LOVE with your french almond cake. Your baker will likely win my 2015 award for my favorite cake (and that says a lot… considering that there isn’t any chocolate, coffee or hazelnut in it). Bravo! 🙂

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