Endicott Estate wedding in Dedham

Jen and Dave had a heartfelt Endicott Estate wedding in Dedham. The two are all-around awesome because they open each other up to new experiences. Jen has learned to eat spicy food, to drink red wine and Bloody Mary’s, and to go to rock concerts like Motley Crue done, Guns N Roses and Alice in Chains! Similarly, Dave has gone to his first Brad Paisley concert, eats sushi, and has gone horseback riding and snorkeling. The two approach life together as a team and truly enjoy spending time together and experiencing new things. I love that Jen and Dave are both small town people who are passionate about spending time together, loving their families (in Georgia and Boston), and growing in their careers. They both make the other want to be a better person.
I loved some of the unspoken details about their Endicott Estate wedding. Jen wore her twin sister’s wedding dress and veil. Jen carried a family bridal pin in her bouquet, which has been worn by 3 generations. She also wore her grandmother’s elegant pearls. The garter was made from her mother’s wedding veil. Dave wore custom cufflinks!
A message from Jen: “About a year after we had been dating, we went on a family vacation with my parents at which time my mom in proper mom fashion loaded us up with snacks. When I returned, I pulled a typical Jen and dumped my clothes into a pile on the living floor of my apartment. About a week later Dave and I were sitting on the couch together close to midnight when as if in slow motion we watched as a mouse crawled from the kitchen and directly into the pile of clothes. Dave and I leaped into action. We surrounded the pile of clothes with boxes, creating only one path by which the mouse could escape – leading straight to a mouse trap. One by one, I lifted each article of clothing out of the pile. When I got to the very end, I lifted the last piece of clothing finding not only the mouse but also a bag of m&ms my mom had given me from the vacation. The mouse literally ran straight into our trap. Dave then proceeded to put it in a trash bag and run it 3 blocks down the street to a trash can as far away as possible. When he returned we spent the next 2 hours swiffering and bleaching every surface of the apartment. When we had finished bleaching at around 2am, Dave looked at me and told me he had always wanted to find someone who could be a team with him like this. In that moment I thought “wow- me too” and I knew that I wanted him to be my team mate in life forever. Two years later, he proposed.”
Jen and Dave, congratulations on your Endicott Estate wedding!


Bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN dresses
Florist: Christine Stock from Dedham Whole Foods
DJ: Mike Tarara at Music Matters: mike@musicmatters4u.com
Caterer: Tastings Caterers tastings.catering@gmail.com
Cake: Konditor Meister: weddings@konditormeister.com
Makeup and hair: Demiche Beaute: info@demiche.com
DIY – Custom pillows by bride’s mom, Custom Cornhole, Ornament Guest Book, Vaseline Lip Therapy favors (which bride Jen helped launch in the US)
Red Sox Grooms Cake by Konditor Meister, Glow stick exit

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