Community Rowing Inc wedding in Brighton, MA – Emily + Kevin

When Emily met Kevin in the coffee shop for the first time, she tuned to a co-worker and said “I just met my future husband.” I like Emily, not only because she’s a go-getting, insanely organized and is a dog lover, but because she’s a go-getter. She initiated the first date, and it’s an incredible thing that she did! #kemilyeverafter

Emily and Kevin day had many personal touches that honored her late mother. Emily held a portrait of her – both wearing their wedding gowns. There were touching photos of her that were placed around the church during their ceremony.  A portrait of her even had a front row seat next to Emily’s dad. During the cocktail hour and reception, they decorated a table labeled “Janet’s Craft Corner” – dedicated to her love of arts! She is clearly loved by many and very much missed.

My favorite part of their details was the underling coffee theme! Since they met in a coffee shop, they incorporated that personal touch. Guest favors were small bags of chocolate covered espresso beans. The tables were labeled as popular coffee shops that Emily and Kevin have visited!  The following detail has nothing to do with coffee, but their rescue pup, Maddie, came to visit for the cocktail hour!  How amazeballs is that?  J

I am very excited to share that two of Emily and Kevin’s wedding images placed in International Society of Professional Wedding Photography for the Summer 2014 competition!

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