Kirsten & Andrew’s Epic Cliff House Maine wedding

Kirsten & Andrew’s Epic Cliff House Maine wedding

Kirsten and Andrews day started off at one of the most picturesque wedding venues in Maine – the Cliff House Maine! The morning started off in the girls’ suite with an emotional “First Look” with Kirsten’s dad. Kirsten’s veil is an absolute stunner. I think it was easily twice my height. I loved the way that it flew in in the wind!

We want the “un-posed” and the show-stopper portraits of the ocean and environment

Kirsten and Andrew clearly told me that they did not want their wedding photographs to look expected and cliche.  They didn’t want photos of their rings. They expressed a love for photos that show energetic fun. The two love the ocean, and chose an location that has unmatched views of the cliffs and the water.

For all of my couples, we have a conversation about photographs that they gravitate towards, and why they do. It’s equally important for me to understand what my couples don’t like, so that I can best provide them with a collection of photographs that is specific and meaningful to them. 

Getting outside for Twilight, that 10 minutes of brilliant blue hues, a few minutes after sunset, is my absolutely most favorite time of day. I’m so thankful that Kirsten and Andrew let me steal them away from their reception to hit up those cliffs!

I think I’m really good at two things in life: Sleeping and capturing the un-posed, un-scripted moments.

I can sleep anywhere and at any time. 8-8.75 hours of uninterrupted sleep is my secret weapon. I fall asleep pretty quickly, generally don’t wake in the middle of the night to pee, and have a series of pretty weird dreams. Car sleeping is my specialty. I am the world’s worst road trip buddy because I’m usually unconscious. Same thing for planes. I’m often asleep before the plane even takes off.

Anyway, onto skill #2: I would say that 100% of my couples gravitate towards my work because of the moments. Kirsten and Andrew’s wedding was full of beautiful moments and I was so happy to have been able to freeze them into beautiful photographs. 

Cliff House Maine Wedding Photographer Nicole Chan
Cliff House Maine Wedding Photographer Nicole Chan

Thank you to an amazing vendor team:

?Photography: @nicolechanphotography

?Venue: @cliffhousemaine

?Minka Flowers : @minkaflowers

?Make up & Hair: @jeneratingbeauty

??Groomsmen: @JosABank

?Bridesmaids: @bhldn

?Band: @wilsonstevensbands

?Quartet: Acadia Quartet

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