Butternut Farm Golf Club outdoor wedding – Connie + Long

Connie and Long made personal vows to each other. They thanked each other for putting in 110% into their relationship, for always being around to carry groceries, and for pushing the other to be better people. The two had an outdoor wedding at Butternut Farm Golf Club in Stow, MA in a shade of large surrounding trees underneath a beautiful floral archway. They had one person standing next to each of them – Connie’s sister, Ada, and Long’s brother, Tan.

During the Butternut Farm Golf Club wedding reception, Connie and Long entered into their reception room and were welcomed with roaring cheers and applause. The crowd went silent, as the music to their first dance started. On my timeline, it said “19:00-19:10 – Bride+Groom waltz”, so I expected a WALTZ.
There were backflips, breakdancing, and all sorts of acrobatics! It had an incredible amount of personality. There were themes of rejection, and then flirting, and then cuddles – ALL TO MUSIC. It was so good.
During the dancing portion of the wedding reception, Long’s parents and Connie’s parents were dancing (in their respective pairs next to each other) on the dance floor). Then, they decided to join hands, and the four of them danced in a circle together joyously. My heart melted. It’s one of my favorite family love moments that I’ve ever seen.
I’ll end with a few quotes from Long’s brother’s Best Man speech: “To Long, who used to be a risk taker… There is no risk with Connie.”
Connie and Long, I hope you enjoy your Asia trip. EAT EVERYTHING! 🙂

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