Boston South Station marriage proposal – Kushan

I wouldn’t call myself an intense adrenaline junkie, but I fully enjoy adventurous experiences. The heart pumping, blood rushing, eyes wide open, sensory overload type activity is something that I’ve been attracted to, but a world that Jason really influenced – Skydiving, intense white water rafting, bungee jumping, home stays with local indigenous tribes, shipwreck diving,  gambling… (Maybe the last one is a bit more “me” than “him”)

I’ve photographed a couple dozen proposals now, and I tell you – the adrenaline rush exceeds all of the above activities combined. Everything from finding the couple, stalking them (sometimes for over an hour), and thinking that every itch or twitch is the moment that he’s going to go down on one knee and propose.
I twitch, too. I pace. I pretend to talk on my phone. I hire friends to be my “cover”. I bring Sledder to pretend I’m just a normal pedestrian. You’d think that since I’ve photographed so many, that I’d be a complete calm as a clam.
On this beautiful Friday night, I arrived an hour and a half early for Kushan’s proposal. I walked a half mile away to my favorite boba place in Boston’s Chinatown, juice bar, wait in line with a bunch of FOBs, pick up my milk tea order, and then start walking back towards Boston’s South Station. While walking back, Jason passed me on Kneeland St. in his car with our friend Stephanie. They were on their way to Trapology Boston (shameless plug: Boston’s newest and most awesome live escape game) and then on their way to me, to help me “disguise”.
During my walk, I decided that I need to pee. I walk into South St. diner. I sit at a barstool, order a honey corn muffin and instantly realize that I’m going to smell like bacon. I go to pee. I chat with the employees working and learn all about operational changes with the menu and the computer system. I realize that I’m getting sweaty and I’m reminded that I smell like delicious bacon. I wharf down the rest of my muffin and head over to South Station.
I see Kushan’s car roll up. He paces up and down Atlantic St. He sends BRIDE into South Station to pick up a friend (that isn’t actually there). Surprisingly, that friend actually resembles Jason. (hah!) She comes out, frustrated because she can’t find her friend. Kushan hugs her, calms her, tells her that he loves her. They walk down Boston’s Atlantic Ave. reminiscing about how they had their first kiss on this street several years ago. He goes down on on knee. Her eyes widen and lots of embracing follows.
I am so happy for the two of you! Congratulations on a beautiful, well-planned and meaningful marriage proposal. I had a fantastic time photographing your Boston marriage proposal!

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