Boston In-Home Newborn Photography FAQ

Boston newborn portrait photographer natural and candid Nicole Chan

When should I book my newborn session? 

Blink, and your baby will grow, change, and look different!

I love photographing fresh little ones within their first two weeks of life.. I tell parents to schedule their sessions for 8 days after their due date, and then if needed, we can change the date once your baby is here! 
If you’d prefer having your baby photographed a little older, like 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months, that’s completely fine too. There are no rules!

What should I expect during my newborn photography session?

You will find that Karen and I are the most patient people on the planet with your new family member. We know that burps, pee, poop, spit, and diaper changes must happen. We’ve swaddled and burped hundreds of babies, and we’re more than happy to help. 

We’ll select a few locations in your home to photograph your family. Based on our planning conversations, we’ll make sure to capture each parent with the baby, baby alone, and grandparents with the baby, if they’re around, as well! 

We’ll take frequent breaks. “Schedules” can sometimes be an imaginary concept during these first months, so don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

After the session, we’ll select your favorite photos that will go to retouching, and design any albums and wall art so that your photographs can come to life! 

Are newborn photos safe?

We take safety and sanitation extremely seriously. In addition to our hand washing and antibacterial gel, Karen and I will also be wearing masks for the duration of your session and also practicing safe social distancing. 

We are also open to photographing outdoor newborn sessions. 
Boston newborn baby photography session with Siberian Huskies

My baby is already here! Is it too late to schedule a Boston newborn photographer? 

It is not too late, but let’s talk soon! Most sessions are scheduled months in advance, but we’ll do our best to squeeze you in. Click here to send me a message.

Where will my Boston newborn photography session take place?

We love photographing newborn photos in the home because we feel that it accurately depicts real life. In 50 years, it’ll be great for your family to remember the environment that you and your baby grew up in! 

Alternatively, Boston has plenty of beautiful outdoor locations for newborn photography sessions!

How long is a newborn photo session?

2-4 hoursBoston newborn portrait photographer natural and candid Nicole Chan

Can grandparents come?


​What should we wear?

Simple is best. Avoid logos, loud patterns, and clashing colors. Pick 2-3 colors, and coordinate everyone in it! (blue, gray, white // tan, pink, purple // maroon, yellow, denim) etc.

How many photos will you take?

So many!

Your full gallery will be anywhere between 60-100 photographs! After your session, you’ll be able to select your favorite 20 photographs, which we will take back to our studio, retouch them, and then provide those high resolution digital files for you to download. 

If you’d like the full set of your photographs (60+ photographs), we’d be happy to retouch them all and provide them all to you for digital download. The add-on cost is $500.  Boston newborn photographer by Nicole Chan Photography

How long will it be until I get the final photographs?

We always estimate three weeks, but to date, we’ve always been early on delivery.

Can I get one photo faster for a birth announcement?

Absolutely! Let us know which one, and we’ll prioritize that one, first!

I’m ready to book! What’s next?

Let’s hop on a phone call so that I can learn more about your family and start planning out logistical details (your due date, what your home looks like, helping with wardrobe styling, etc.)

Feel free to also fill out a contact form below, and I’ll shoot you an email within 24 hours!

Our team is available to come to the hospital to take photographs of your newest family member! Please send us an email if you’re interested in a Fresh 48 session. If you’re interested in taking photos on your own at the hospital, here are 13 Tips to take photos of your newborn at the hospital. 

After you send me an email or set up a phone call, this guide might be helpful to you!

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