Boston newborn and family portraits – 13 day old Ronan

In my head, people don’t change much.  I remember my younger cousin, Jarrett, as a goofy 5 year old with super fine hair and a cartoon voice.  In reality, he’s likely about to learn how to drive soon, date girls, and probably be too cool to hang out with me.  My dog, Sledder, will forever be my furball puppy, even though she’s turning 5 this fall.  (That’s 35 in human years!)

When I think of Sita and Anik, I think of a vibrant Indian bride and groom, who lucked out with some stunning late October foliage in the Boston Commons for their wedding portraits.  I think of really big hugs and really big laughs.  Fast forward several years later, and they’re still into big hugs, but their hugs are a bit gentler now, because Sita’s holding a 13-day old baby in one of her arms.  Laughs are still ubiquitous, but a touch quieter, because the little bundle was slumbering. When I entered their home, Sita and Anik looked absolutely the same as they did several years ago.  Though they are forever etched in my memory as a beautiful newly wed couple, today,  they felt different.  They were joyously proud parents of a new son – Ronan.

Sita and Anik, thank you for letting me into your life.  We photographed many classic portraits today, but here are some of my personal favorites.

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