Boston Lenox Hotel wedding – Beth + Peter

Beth and Peter’s relationship is so comfortable and seemingly effortless. We made plans to grab a drink at a restaurant before the engagement session. They arrived earlier than I and when I walked into the restaurant, I saw them at the bar. They were so relaxed together, little smiles, talking with their hands with slight animation. I see lots of couples. I hang out with couples on wedding days. I hang out with couples before wedding days. Many of my friends are in couple-format. Without a doubt, Beth and Peter… they have something special.

Something clicked between them in the romantic city of Paris. After Peter had taken the bar exam, they took a family trip to France with Peter’s father. Beth, in all her organizational glory, planned a fantastic itinerary full of wineries, museums and classic sights. Beth and Peter spent their evenings itinerary-less and wandered together. “We could both tell during that trip that this was a relationship that would last. We each found the person that we click with. We rely on each other, support each other, and it all comes easily.”

Family is everything to me. My family, in my opinion, is absolutely crazy, but I also don’t know any family that isn’t. 🙂 However, they’ve taught me everything I know about support, care, and selflessness. Beth and Peter both come from loving families and I think it’s evident, by how they treat each others well as how they treat their siblings and parents. I’ve gotten to know Beth’s parents over the last year (I also photographed Sarah’s wedding – Beth’s sister). They’ve taught their three daughters that the most important people in their lives is family. I remember when Beth’s parents walked into my studio. Within minutes of watching their playful interactions, I thought to myself, “I want something just like that.” Peter’s parents also were lucky enough to have a long and joyous marriage. After a length battle with cancer, Peter’s mother passed. However, Beth says that during those difficult times, everyone saw what love really is: It’s putting the needs of the other ahead of yourself. Peter’s father was a source of strength and support for Peter and his mother during those years.

I mentioned that their relationship was seemingly effortless. However, it’s probably not. No good relationship is. I have no doubt that they both put in an immense effort into each other. They’re there for each other. They offer unlimited support. They depend on each other. They laugh together, and I’m sure that they cry together, too. Beautiful relationships require hard work for both parties. It’s so clear that these two prioritize each other. “Peter tends to wake up a little earlier than Beth on the weekends. He likes to grind his coffee beans, brew his coffee, and make breakfast so its ready when Beth gets out of bed (Peter proposed after making Beth breakfast in bed on their two year anniversary). Sunday mornings are particularly lazy. We like to have a nice breakfast and watch the TV show “Sunday Morning” which is filled with all these great quirky stories you’d never find on any other TV show.”

Fun fact: Beth and her sisters get together every week to watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Because of this, Peter has become hooked on the syrupy goodness of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and is now perhaps a bigger fan of the show than the O’Leary sisters.

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