• Multiple Day Coverage – Many of our couples hire wedding photography and videography for multiple days of their Indian wedding celebrations. It’s typical for us to provide photography for Mehndi Parties, Sangeets, Day-After Wedding Brunches, and other wedding events.
  • More than 8 hours – Many photographers are surprised to hear that Indian wedding photography coverage will start with getting ready at 6am and won’t stop until the after party at 3am. Boston Indian weddings typically do not fit in the typical 8 hour wedding photography package. In the wedding photography and videography industry, there’s a funny thing that we call “The wedding vendor hangover” because wedding photographers won’t drink enough water or exercise enough leading up to wedding season. Pricing depends on number of days and hours.
  • Multiple photographers and videographers – Our team includes two Boston Indian wedding photographers and two videographers.
  • Experience and Understanding of Culture – We are fun wedding photographers that have photographed over 200 Indian weddings in New England.
  • Comfort in chaos – The best wedding photographers should be comfortable with the traditions of Indian weddings.

All Boston Indian weddings packages are custom tailored. Please email for pricing.


Take a look here for a sample timeline for a Boston Indian wedding as well as a handful of my timeline tips

As a Boston Indian wedding photographer who has been photographing Indian weddings for the last 11 years, we’re experts in crafting timelines! In the timeline, we also collaborate on a photo checklist so that we don’t miss any important portraits, detail photos, or others!


“Wow, you know more about the Indian weddings than I do.” I hear this often when I speak to couples on the phone about their photography.

  • Baraat – Baraat is a celebratory groom procession. These are some of the most energetic moments of the Indian weddings and we love to capture candid photos and video of everyone having a great time. Wide angle lenses for photography here are fun because they capture wedding photos with a lot of energy!
  • Dhol – Tip for wedding photographers: As a wedding photographer that likes to squat to get the best angles for wedding photography, I have gotten hit a couple times by the drum stick… and it hurts!
  • Milni – Milni is the introduction and welcoming ceremony. Sometimes, family members try to pick each other up during the hug. In terms of Indian wedding photography traditions, this is one of the most light hearted candid events to get on photo and video!
  • Arti – The arti is a ceremony of light. It is part of welcoming during Hindu weddings. The mother of the bride waves lighted wicks around the groom before walking him to the mandap.In order to get the best candid photo and video, stay close to the mother and use a wide angle lens, just in case you can’t back up. It’s important for Indian wedding photographers to remember that they’re not in a studio setting. In a studio, you get full control of the space. During Indian wedding photo and video, you’ve got one chance to capture these candid moments!
  • Ganesha Puja – This puja is performed on the special day for good luck. All auspicious ceremonies in Hindu religion commence with a prayer to Lord Ganesh.
  • Joota Chupai – The ultimate goal is to steal the Groom’s shoes. He takes them off prior to entering the mandap. It’s a big search and negotiation!
  • Kanyadaan – Kanyadaan signifies the acceptance of her father’s blessing.
  • Varmala – The varmala is when the couple first meet on the mandap. This is one of my favorite moments to capture at weddings and a photo that always makes it into the photo album. They exchange garlands to start off the Hindu wedding day.
  • Laaja homam – Laaja homam is the offering of puffed rice to a sacred fire.
  • Kansar – The groom will feed her sweets, sharing their first meal.
  • Mangalsutra – The auspicious thread represents love and protection, tying their souls together. This is one of my favorite photography moments to capture as a wedding photographer
  • Mangal Phera – Couples walk around the fire 4-7 times.
  • Ashirawd – The couple touch their parents’ feet and bow their heads to show obedience. I always get a emotional during these moments. It’s such a special sign of respect to capture in a photo. This is one of the “must have moments” that I like to include in the wedding video and also in the wedding photography gallery for my clients.
  • Mandap – The bride and groom have their Hindu ceremony in a pillared structure called the mandap. A family photography session usually happens afterwards. Guests love taking their camera out to photograph a portrait on the mandap after the wedding.
  • Vidaai – The vidaai is an event that marks the beginning of the bride’s life as wife. Not all of my clients have a vidaai, but during these amazing ceremonies, emotions run high. Vidaais are specific to Indian wedding photography and there are beautiful candid moments to capture on camera.


Wedding photography also incorporates fashion photography. It’s important for me to capture a photo that she will love in her Indian bridal attire.

  • Chura – The Punjabi wedding Chura is a symbol of the blessings.
  • Maang tikka and bindi – The maang tikka is a piece of jewelry typically worn on the forehead. Love the stunning details!
  • Dupatta – The dupatta is a traditional scarf that South Asian women wear on their heads. Dupattas come in many different colors, patterns, details, and lengths!
  • Kalire – Kalires look like gold chandeliers. They have beautiful details and are so enjoyable to take creative photographs of.
  • Lengha – The lengha skirt typically has an intricate vibrant design. I love clothing photography for weddings!
  • Sarpech and Safa – A sarpech is a traditional brooch style ornament for the groom’s safa or turban.


  • Outside caterer – Be sure the venue allows outside catering service!
  • Parking Lot or Garage – Many Boston South Asian weddings have 150-600 guest lists and easy parking is ideal.
  • Space for a baraat! – Savor that vibrant moment on that horse or elephant!


  • Boston Marriott Cambridge
  • Hyatt Regency Cambridge
  • Indian Pond Country Club
  • Danversport Yacht Club
  • The Peabody-Essex Museum
  • InterContinental Boston
  • Marriott Boston Quincy
  • Mechanic’s Hall
  • Double Tree Hotel


Love Decor 

Here are some of Love Decor’s 5 star reviews:

“LoveDecor was a pleasure to work with for my mehndi night and shaadi reception. She works with your budget to make your dream wedding day decor come to life.” – Farah

“We hired Shruti and her team at LoveDecor for our wedding/reception day! We had a Sri Lankan/Greek wedding.” – Nishanthi




Henna Cafe – Manisha is an amazing Boston henna artist for your mehndi or sangeet day. She’s wildly attentive to detail. Sometimes, brides request the name of the groom to be hidden so he can search for it. Love the detail that goes into this custom! Be sure to message her for pricing.



Will you travel for our destination Indian wedding wedding?

Absolutely! The team is excited to make an epic wedding portrait for you. We’ve traveled to six continents to photograph destination photographs!

What is your style of Indian wedding photography?

I’m a photojournalistic wedding photographer that documents the beauty of candid moments.

I specialize in capturing candid moments and natural-looking timeless portraits. I believe that the best wedding photography tell a story of the couple. Our goal is always to be able to capture candid and meaningful photo and video, and ultimately design an heirloom wedding album and wedding video.

Do you photograph pre-wedding or engagement photographs?

Yes! I love capturing south asian pre wedding and engagement photos.

Some couples even have a destination pre wedding session! The photo session can be in the mountains, oceanfront, or even in my studio in boston. Our portrait studio is at 177 tremont st. The benefit to the portrait studio is that we don’t have to worry about the weather!

Capturing engagement photo sessions is a relaxed way to have photos that tell the story prior to the wedding day.

What can we do with our pre wedding or engagement photos?

My couples use their engagement and pre wedding photographs for save the dates, their wedding website, and large framed prints for their wedding reception!

Where can we read reviews about your award winning Indian wedding photography?

Wedding wire reviews and google reviews are established and credible.

If you look at most of the reviews, the underlying trend is that I am pretty dang good at capturing intimate emotions. My photo and video crew believe that capturing these candid moments tell the real story.

Here are some recent reviews:

“Amazingggg!!!!! We had a three day Indian wedding and she made sure to capture every moment. She was so easy to work with. It was one of the best decisions we made. Everyone loved her and the wedding photos!!!! We love her! :)” – shruti

You can read more reviews here

Is it important that my Indian wedding photographer be Indian?

Though I am not Indian, I have impressed many aunties and uncles with my understanding of the wedding day and sangeet traditions and Indian wedding day photography.

After 11 years of full time photography, 200 Indian weddings, I’ve danced to all of the bollywood songs at the wedding reception and taken millions of engagement photos. We provide photo and video services for the smallest intimate Indian weddings to the largest ballrooms. Someday, I’d like to fly to india and photograph Indian wedding events in india.

When in doubt, check reviews!

If you could photograph a wedding in india, where would it be?

Delhi! Our photo and video crew wants to visit the leela palace in new delhi. I’m also interested in photographing at the roseate. I think it’d be a great day of delhi luxury, but also intimate as the same time. I love reading tripadvisor reviews and dreaming about our next destination!

Do you offer drone photography?

Yes. Adding in a photo and video drone service allows you to have an incredible birds’ eye photography view. I love the “Up top” perspective for wedding photo and video!

When booking drone photo and video, be sure the pilot has his/her part faa 107 license.

Interested in booking us for your boston Indian wedding photography and videography?

Let’s create a custom collection and packages for you. Each mehndi, wedding, and reception is different. We’re excited to be photographing your wedding, documenting your moment, and telling your love stories!

Contact us for your wedding day