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Whether you are building a legacy, ascending to new heights (literally or figuratively), or breaking the glass ceilings, I am here to create the world’s best portrait of you.

Boston Personal Brand Headshots & Environmental Headshots

These photos don’t just show your face – they show who you are, what you do, and where you feel most in your element. The surroundings provide context and relevance to your audience.

For instance, real estate agents, athletes, personal chefs, teachers, stylists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and so on.

If you want a customized photo that highlights the heart of you and your business, this might be the right fit!

For a true narrative and story-telling Boston headshot, this is it.

Modern And Fresh boston headshots

Clean. Modern. Headshots in an this modern style offer a clean and modern take on traditional Boston headshots. Although they have the potential to be just as formal as a seamless background, their added color and variety can make an individual stand out from the crowd. A portrait in this style is also handy to use for social networks. You’re still the center of attention, since the environment itself is out of focus, and it can give your photo a more personable touch.  It provides an alternative to the solid grey backdrop and can be useful for almost any industry or individual, from lawyers to comedians.

Boston Team photo Photographer for group photos

Show off your entire team an in environment that reflects the culture and personality of your company.

The Vanilla “Solid Background” Headshots

This professional and minimalist look with a simple light or gray background is clean and functional. Ideal for Boston professional services headshots, it’s an easy look that can be replicated.

This is what I call the “vanilla” of all Boston headshot photographers.

If you’re like me and love vanilla bean ice cream, there’s a quality difference between the Madagascar vanilla bean or the cheapo mass produced vanilla.

a group of people wearing graduation caps and gowns.

What will my headshot experience be like?

We’re taking new clients and new projects this summer. Want to build the next big thing? Send us an email.

a man taking a picture of another man in a suit.

Coaching From Start To Finish

Many clients are initially nervous about posing, facial expressions, and angles. What they quickly realize is that I will give you plenty of direction and guidance.

Unlimited Outfit Changes

You will need more than one headshot and you will need them to look different. A variety of headshots is important to have for different uses – LinkedIn, press releases, podcasts, social media, tinder, etc.

Unlimited Backgrounds

Again. VARIETY. I’ll even photograph on white or gray for you if you like vanilla.

Immediately Review Photos In Real Time

Approximately every 5 minutes, we will review your photos on a monitor. This gives you a chance to provide feedback and make adjustments to posing and expressions.

Flexible Session Time

Exceptional portraits take time. The last thing I want you to feel is rushed.

Select Your Favorites

At the end of your session, we will review all the photos we’ve created so that you can make your final decision on which images you would like to purchase and to go to retouching.

Our Portfolio

tips from boston headshot photographer, nicole chan


  • Gravitate towards simple and solid clothing. Avoid trends, patterns, and logos.
  • Wear clothing that you love and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Be yourself. Infuse your own personal style.
  • Shoes are unnecessary unless we are photographing a full-body look
  • Avoid scarves. They hide your neck.
  • For headshots, your pants will most likely not be seen, but please wear them. ????

Personal care

  • Drink water. Ideally, 8 glasses of water per day. Your skin will thank you
  • Get plenty of sleep. Be well rested to avoid dark eye circles
  • Use chapstick or lip balm the night before and morning of
  • If you are getting a haircut, we recommend having it at least 2 days prior to your shoot
  • Prepare your facial hair and/or brows, preferably several days before in case of skin irritations

a woman in a black dress sitting on a stool.

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Did you know that 85% of Nicole Chan Photography wedding clients come back to Nicole to have their family photographs or headshot photographs taken?

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