Boston Harbor Hotel wedding – Kerry + Nick

As Kerry, Nick and I started talking about our love for the ocean, our dogs, and Sunday breakfast foods, I knew that we would have no problems getting along. The two were engaged near the duck boats in the Boston Commons and we were lucky to have beautiful summer weather on the wedding day to revisit these spots during their wedding portrait session. Their wedding kicked off with a very Catholic mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Everytime I enter this cathedral, I find it breathtaking – the ceilings, stained glass, intense lack of light (hah) and beautiful dark wood. Kerry and Nick’s ceremony stands out because their priest was so interactive. He walked up and down the pews, asking questions about love, commitment and the couple to their bridal party, parents, and guests. He polled “the audience” about elements that are integral to a great marriage, and of course prodded specific individuals when they gave answers that were too vague!

Their reception was a perfect fit for the two of them: energetic and lively music filled the hall, beautiful light that set the mood for a crazy dance party, and set right at the water’s edge at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Nick talked about the insanity of the last few weeks, specifically the last 24 hours, like when they received the church programs and discovered that they were mini sized, literally 1/4th the size they were supposed to be. The two talked about how excited they were to see the other for the first time at the church. They gave heartfelt thank you’s and then quickly passed the mic on so that they could tear the dance floor apart.
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