Nina and Michael’s Family-Centered Georgian Boston City skyline wedding photos

Nina and Michael were married on the Boston State Room’s 33rd floor – the best spot for Boston City skyline wedding photos

I don’t even know where to start with these two. We clicked from the first time we Skyped and I surface-level learned about their relationship and their families. Then, we met in person for the engagement Forever session in the North End, my favorite area in the city. I feel in love with them a little more because I got to hear more about their families and how hard the two work for their careers, but more importantly, for their careers. 

Nina’s mother said, ” When you love someone, it’s hard to put into words why”

When Nina and Michael first started getting to know one another, they both jumped into talking about the family thing because family is such a big part of both of their lives. I found this very apparent as I got to know them as well. Neither one of them were looking for a significant other at the time, but there was something magnetic there. Two weeks later, they were separated by a 40-day trip across the world. However, Michael would sty up until 4am to talk to her. The two talked on the phone and Skyped every single day. There was chemistry, and they both knew it. Nina’s mother thought he was crazy because he didn’t get any sleep since he was working at the time, too!

I am inspired by their relationship with parents

Nina’s father is “her best friend in the world world”. Nina tells me stories of him moving to a different country, working so hard to build what he has. He is a determined man, who will stop at nothing and would never settle. Nina continues on about his ambition and how much she appreciates him. Likely not a coincidence, Michael’s drive reminds her of her fathers. Though Nina is a self proclaimed control-freak and strong independent woman, she knows that Michael will always love her and take care of her. 

Prior to their wedding, I was obviously very excited to photograph Nina and Michael, but I was also very much looking forward to photographing Nina’s First Look with her father. 

A couple weeks before the wedding, I gave Michael a ring to chat. He picked up as he was leaving his parents’ home. “Bye Mom and Dad. Love you.” He had just finished a 6am fishing trip with his dad at Plum Island. His mother pulls up a chair and reads. Though she doesn’t love fishing, she loves eating the fish when the boys bring it back home. 

Nina and Michael consistently say that their relationship is a partnership. 

They are thoughtful people, who celebrate the little things. Several weeks before their wedding, Michael brought Nina back to their first date spot! It’s the place where it all began: Hopps in Coolidge Corner. On that first date, they closed down the bar because they had such great chemistry talking to one another. 

“She always keeps me going, challenges me, and pushes me to be better as a person and as a man. I’ve never had that before.”

She played the ultimate practice joke on Michael during their First Look

Check out the gallery above. It has to do with their officiant Dan… in a XXXL wedding gown! We did it right by the water, a perfect spot for Boston City skyline wedding photos!

Nina was the reason Michael switched careers!

He used to work in financial services industry and was on the finance/accounting path. He haded it. Nina encouraged him to quit his job, get his masters, and to  go for it. He remembers that he would have never done this if it weren’t for her. 

This hit home for me. I remembered how unhappy I was in a finance career that I didn’t love. It was the worst feeling of being stuck. I remember pushing back when my husband, Jason, would tell me that I didn’t have to spend the rest of my life in a cubicle. I never thought that photography could be a career. Now, nearly ten years later, I cannot imagine doing anything else that would make me happier. I am forever grateful for that push. I connected so much to Michael’s story, and I can only imagine how difficult the transition it must be. 

Even during our engagement Forever session, I saw how hard Michael worked, dashing to and from school, and talking about his studies. This is all while he was also working, and helping out the family restaurant. 

I admire you, Michael, for taking the leap. It took courage and guts. 

Nina, people like you change lives. You are kind, generous, and quite possibly have the best smile, ever. Thank you.

Boston State Room Wedding Photos Best Boston Skyline Wedding Photos Nicole Chan Photography
Boston State Room Wedding Photos Best Boston Skyline Wedding Photos Nicole Chan Photography

Thanks to Alex Wicel for taking these awesome behind the scenes photos of Karen and I. Karen was shooting video for Nina and Michael’s wedding!


Thanks to an amazing vendor team:

Photography: Nicole Chan Photography – View More State Room weddings!

Videography: Our Sister company, Promessa Studios 

Planning Team: 33 Munroe

Getting Ready Hotel Venue: Ames Hotel

Ceremony and Reception Venue: State Room Boston 

Cake: Montillios’ – Raspberry Champagne and Chocolate cannoli 

DJ: Dj El Sid Entertainment

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