Boston Baby photos with Huskies – Hazel, Violet, Kevin + Bowie

Jason and I visit a dog park directly across the street from our home and we’ve gotten to really know a handful of our neighbors very well.  They’ve become some of my closest friends (because I’m forced to hang with them everyday for an hour…)!  Two of these awesome individuals are Kevin and Violet.  I remember the exact day that this little poofball of puppy came bustling into the park.  Her name is Bowie – named because of her mesmerizing two colored eyes.  We got closer through doggie daycare trades, amazing weekday BBQs and copious amounts of eating!

Last year, Kevin and Violet welcomed another bundle into the world – Hazel.  After some delicious dimsum, we wanted to take a few portraits on a simple gray seamless for their Christmas card.  However, the behind-the-scenes images are in my opinion, much more touching.

Sledder and Bowie are infatuated with Hazel!

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