I’m a “Jook Sing”. A “jook sing” or an ABC (American-born Chinese). I’m Chinese by ethnicity and was born in the US. Our team members on our Boston wedding photographer team speak varying levels of Cantonese and Mandarin.

Here are a handful of quirks that I’ve picked up over the last 30+ years of being an Asian-American. Some I’ve picked up just from my family, and others I’ve picked up being a Boston asian wedding photographer.


The wedding invitation will say that it starts at 6pm for the Boston Asian wedding or Chinese-American weddings, but it won’t really start until 7pm.


Most of my Asian-American friends’ Cantonese grandparents speak this dialect. All my grandparents have passed, and I don’t hear this dialect as much anymore. I miss it so much. I love hearing it, even though it sounds like coughing up a lougee.

Uncle with a camera

There will always be at least one if not more uncles with a fancy camera, trying to do my job as a Boston wedding photographer. That’s totally fine. I love them.

Aunts and Uncles are numbered

The eldest aunt is #1 Aunt. The second oldest is #2 Aunt, and etc. Do they even have names? I have no clue.

Mothers LOVE portraits

My team is extremely familiar with Asian mothers and their love for a million portraits.

“Have you eaten?”

I have learned to never eat to full capacity. You’ll be force fed. Always leave a little bit of space so that you don’t insult anyone by not eating what they’re offering you.

They’re not angry

No one’s angry. They’re not yelling either. It’s just how they/we sound.

Embrace the chaos

It’s actually not even that chaotic. There are just a lot of people talking more loudly than some are used to. It’s kind of comforting, actually.

Chau Chow City restaurant Chinese wedding in Dorchester, Boston, MA


Read my Ultimate Guide to Chinese Door games 

The groom comes to the bride’s house to pick up his bride for the Boston asian wedding, except he’s met with her bridesmaids, who want him and his groomsmen to prove the groom’s eligibility and worth. The groom and his party must perform a series of tests that the ladies give to them. At the end, the bridesmaids typically demand cash from the groom and groomsmen. Click here for a blog I’ve written about my favorite Chinese Wedding Door Games.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Traditionally done prior to noon, this tradition is where the couple kneel in front of their parents, serve them tea, and thank them. This sign of gratitude is often very emotional.

If you’re having a Boston wedding video team, my team would love to capture the audio for tea ceremonies. There are usually lots of “have lots of children!” and “Wishing you a lifetime of health and prosperity” sayings in Chinese that are touching.

I’ve created a Wedding Timeline Guide for your Boston Asian weddings. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a sample timeline with a double tea ceremony!

Roast Pig

Chinese weddings love the whole roasted BBQ pig. Most in Boston order their whole roast pigs from Quic Pic BBQ.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

Red, gold, and more red and gold! Red symbolizes luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Take a photo with the couple at the reception

Upon entering the reception, guests are invited to take a photo with the couple.

Sign the red silk scroll

When attending a Boston Asian wedding, there will be a table manned by the bridal party in where guests can drop off cards and sign a red silk scroll with your name. Couples typically use this as a guest book for their Chinese Boston wedding!

Red envelopes

Asian couples don’t head to Crate and Barrel to create a registry for their Boston Asian wedding. Instead, it’s customary to gift money. In terms of amount, it’s acceptable to at least cover the amount of your own meal(s) and a little more.

China Pearl Quincy reception banquet photos for traditional Vietnamese wedding


Asian wedding venues for your Boston Asian wedding are typically in Boston Chinatown, Quincy, or Malden.

Here is a list of my Boston wedding photographer team’s favorite Chinese wedding banquet venues in Boston. Many of them are dim sum restaurants.

·       Empire Garden – 690 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111. This restaurant has the largest capacity for Chinese wedding banquet venues.

·       Hei La Moon – 88 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111.

·       China Pearl Restaurant – 9 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111.

·       New Golden Gate Seafood – 66 Beach St Boston, MA 02111

·       Jade Garden – 18-20 Tyler St Boston, MA 02111

·       Victoria Seafood – 1029 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215

·       China Pearl   – 237 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA 02169.

·       Ming Seafood – 477 Hancock St Quincy, MA 02171.

·       Chau Chow Restaurant- 699 Morrisey Blvd Dorchester, MA 02122.

·       South Garden – 217B Quincy Ave Quincy, MA 02269

·       Kowloon – 948 Broadway Saugus, MA 01906

·       Ming Seafood – 9 Pleasant St Malden, MA 02148

·       Joyful Garden – 550 Arsenal St Watertown, MA 02472


Where should wedding guests park for Chinese wedding banquets in Chinatown?

No restaurant in Chinatown has dedicated parking, but there are plenty of parking garages. Most restaurants will be able to help couples with parking vouchers.

Who are some of your favorite wedding vendors?

Jenny Luu and Yin Tom Studio are very talented makeup artists that both do hair and makeup. Linda of Lemon Drop team is one of the best wedding planners and day of coordinators even from the start of wedding planning process. They’re all Asian-American wedding vendors and just amazing people perfect for your Boston wedding.

Do I need a wedding planner or a day of coordinator?

Hiring wedding planners will make not just the day but the whole wedding planning process go smoother because wedding planners will provide some buffer room between you and the nitty gritty logistics. Capable Boston wedding planners and coordinators who understand Asian-American weddings are worth their weight in gold.

Wedding planners can also help with setting up your decor, recommending the best wedding photographers in Boston, and makeup artists to make sure that brides’ hair and makeup timelines run well, and giving you tips about other vendors in the Boston area.

What hair and makeup is best for Chinese American weddings?

A trial makeup and hair is one of the most important things for brides to consider during wedding planning.

I’ve seen everything from hair up, hair down, hair half up and half down, hair curled, hair straight, hair wavy, hair makeup, and even hairstyle changes throughout the day!

Should I get my hair highlighted or a balayage for my Boston wedding?

Some makeup and hair stylists that adding color to dark hair adds dimension. I say do what feels right for each person! May it be a modern or classic color, I always want my clients to look and feel like themselves at their Chinese-American weddings.

What should I look for in a Boston Asian makeup artist in New England?

Many Asian brides have monolids. I’d suggest finding makeup artists in Boston that can show previous work on monolid eyes. Ideally, find makeup artists that will offer a makeup trial for their clients so that you can see what your makeup will look like before the wedding day.

What are the advantages of hiring an Asian Wedding Photographer?

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning an Asian wedding.But there are also cultural differences that can make it difficult for your guests to know what’s going on and how to participate in the ceremony.

That’s why it’s important to hire an Asian wedding photographer who is familiar with the culture and customs of the community. Our wedding photographer team is made up of people who grew up in the area, so they know what to expect from a traditional event like this.

An Asian wedding photographer knows what it means to capture a milestone like this, and is skilled at capturing all of the small moments—the details that make up your story.

Does your Boston wedding photographer team offer destination weddings?

Yes! Our Boston wedding photographer team mostly offers personalized collections for those couples, which include multi-day coverage, and we customize destination wedding packages upon request.

Our Boston wedding photographer team has photographed in over 60 different countries!

Chinese and Indian wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island by Nicole Chan Photography


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Chau Chow City restaurant Chinese wedding in Dorchester, Boston, MA
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Boston Quincy China Pearl Chinese Wedding Photographer Nicole Chan Photography
Boston Quincy China Pearl Chinese Wedding Photographer Nicole Chan Photography