The Best Shoes For Wedding Photographers:

One of the most important aspects to a wedding photographer is their shoes. Wedding photographers spend hours on their feet, capturing one moment after another and it can be exhausting! With all the weight of your gear and body on just two small feet, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes. You can’t rely too heavily on or push yourself hard enough if it’s difficult for you to walk. Knowing about the best shoes for wedding phtographers will make things so much easier for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that’s easy to slip off and on or something dressier with more support, we got your feet! This guide will teach you how to choose your perfect pair of shoes- perfect enough to take exciting wedding shots! 

Factors to consider when choosing the best shoes for wedding photographers


Photographers are no strangers to comfort. For a wedding photographer, it’s essential. You must be comfortable on your feet all day long. 

The importance of being comfy at weddings cannot be understated- after ten-mile walks through city streets or church grounds, photographers must still smile bright enough to light up the room with their camera lens.

Shoe Style

As a wedding photographer, consider the style of your shoes. What you wear on your feet needs to look good. It needs to complement what’s happening in front of you – if that means something stylish or more casual, then so be it! But when deciding between styles is too difficult for just one pair, start with black because there are many different options within this color range – plain but elegant or sparkly and fun?


As a wedding photographer, it is important to invest in quality shoes. Choose one that will remain intact for many weddings. While we may not always be thinking about our feet during a day’s work, they play an integral role in making sure you are on your toes throughout.

As any bride can attest to there isn’t anything worse than being barefoot while taking pictures at her reception!


When choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day, keep in mind that you’ll be on your feet all day. Leather is a great option because it’s easy to clean and keeps its shape well – not only are they cleaner than canvas but they can also withstand more wear and tear! 

Canvas might work better if you prefer something lighter or don’t want leather touching your skin; however, these tend to collect dust very quickly which makes them harder to maintain so think about what would suit best for both bride AND groom on their big day.


You might not have thought about this before, but you should consider the noise your shoes make when shooting a wedding. If it’s an important event for someone and they’re exchanging vows or are singing their “I do” song – we want to be as discreet as possible so that our presence doesn’t take away from these special moments

One thing that will help is avoiding wearing noisy footwear like clogs by opting instead for something quieter such as flats or heels without any embellishments at all. Such footwear has way less chance of making sound than say high heels. 


Deciding on the right pair of shoes for a wedding can be an intense decision. Some photographers like to purchase new shoes each season, while others prefer to invest in something they’ll wear often and make look good after years have passed.

Wedding photographers should avoid these for shoes:

  • Shoes with high heels or wedges. They that can make you stumble and fall when taking those amazing shots fast!
  • Shoes that are too tight or too loose. You would end up with blisters on your feet.
  • Shoes that have a very thin sole. Make sure those feet are protected.
  • Shoes you are not comfortable wearing. This can be new shoes you have never tried or those severely worn out. 
  • Shoes that are too new. Definitely break them in before hand!
  • Shoes that don’t match the color scheme of your outfit or the wedding. Don’t look like a sore thumb in photos! – unless they’re really cute as an accent color and make sense for the wedding scene. Karen had a pair of purple flats that were adorable for some of our more offbeat brides.

The Best Shoes for Wedding Photographers: Our Top Picks!

Personal Favorites

Keds Women’s Champion Kate Spade Glitter Sneaker

The Keds-Kate Spade collaboration shoes are an excellent choice for any professional who is always on the go while still looking fab. How sparkly these shoes can get deserves a post on Instagram! The shoes feature a signature shiny fabric and two sets of laces!  You have the choice to go for the ribbon lace with metal aglets or the cotton lace. 

Whether you’re walking around doing some wedding photography or running errands, these flats are perfect. The soft breathable lining is just what you need after hours in uncomfortable dress shoes while the cushioned insoles will keep those feet feeling good all night long.

I have the gold ones, that are now discontinued, and cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on them!

Vans ComfyCush Authentic in Black

These are the shoes that Karen loves!

The best shoes for wedding photographers should always emphasize comfort throughout the day. This third entry coincidentally has “Comfy” in it. Vans has just released its classic Authentic shoes with a touch of modern comfort. 

The brand claims that the softer and more cushioned memory foam as an outsole will feel like you’re walking on a cloud. As someone who is standing all day taking photos of people, this can be a fit for a photographer like you.

Other Features:
  • Canvas uppers with simplified interiors and added arch support

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Loved by nurses who are on their feet all day, Dansko is a tried and true favorite. The classic style sole makes them durable for work or leisure time with great shock absorption that makes walking all day more comfortable. Another thing you might like about these shoes is how supple leather breaks in without any pain so you don’t have to worry about feeling sore at first wear!

  • Uppers made out of leather or fabric materials
  • Padded instep collar
  • Reinforced to box with a lot of room to wiggle your toes
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Heel height of 2 inches

MUST ALSO BUY: No show cushion socks

Cushion is a must.

These socks reduce blisters and keep your feet from getting overly sweaty!

Other Awesome shoes for wedding photographers

Allbirds Women’s Tree Breezers

The all-day comfort of sneakers is what many wedding photographers love about them – but these casual styles aren’t always appropriate for weddings where dressier environments may require more than just your comfy attire! With The Allbirds Tree Breezer flats, you get an on-trend look with some much-needed flexibility and support to go wherever there’s adventure waiting!

  • Made with Eucalyptus Tree
  • Silky and smooth material
  • Ribbed collar for a perfect fit

Birdies The Starling Velvet Flats

Imagine a pair of flats that double as slippers. They are comfortable enough to wear at home and stylish enough for work or an event! Starling flats offer the best of both worlds in just one shoe, so you never have to sacrifice comfort for style again when it comes time to dress up your feet.

Do you know what’s better when you’re on your feet all day long? Allbirds shoes! These natural, breathable sneakers are made from resources like eucalyptus fibers and provide an unmatched level of comfort. 

  • Other Starling flats are available in different vegan materials (like leather and faux fur) and colors (black, green, cheetah print, and more)
  • No-slip rubber sole
  • 10 mm heel

Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners

These are the best shoes for wedding photographers who are on a roll during the wedding season. They are also machine washable so if you spill something on them at lunchtime, just throw them in the washing machine for 30 minutes to make them good as new.

Other Features:
  • A unique midsole made from Brazilian sugarcane 
  • Insole made from castor bean for a foam that emits less carbon
  • Shoelaces recycle from old plastic bottles

Gabor Women’s Frost Ballerina Pumps

For those looking to maintain an understated presence at weddings while taking photos, there’s no need for uncomfortable high heel stilettos when you can wear comfy classic ballerina flats from head to toe without sacrificing style or comfort!

With low-profile heels that go with just about anything, these Gabor shoes come complete with built-in soft soles so they’re comfortable enough on your feet all day long!

  • Leather Material
  • Rubber soles
  • Heel height of 2 cm

Cole Hann Womens ZERO GRAND Wingtip Oxford Sneakers

Cole Hann Womens ZERO GRAND Wingtip Oxford Sneakers are the perfect blend of sneaker functionality and work-appropriate style. They’re lightweight, yet provide great traction – all you need to get that flawless shot! Plus, they have breathable stretch knit uppers to keep your toes cool when it’s hot out or warm during cold temperatures.

  • 100% synthetic
  • Rubber Soles
  • Wingtip uppers in all over knit fabric

Rothy’s Pointed Black Flat

Rothy’s Loafer Flats are a great replacement for your old, worn-out pairs of shoes. They’re made from repurposed plastic bottles and they have comfortable knit styling that makes them easy to wear right away! These flats can also come in elegant taupe color which goes with any outfit you’ll be wearing. The flats being 100% recyclable also serves as icing on top for all the reasons you need to buy them.

  • Knitted with Rothy’s signature thread (made from plastic bottles)
  • Solid black upper
  • Signature blue halo

If you’re a wedding photographer, then the shoes you wear to work are especially important because they need to be comfortable and appropriate for your profession. But no matter what type of shoe we recommend it is always up to you as an individual to choose the best shoe that fits both your needs and personality! What’s on your list of best shoes for wedding photographers? Let us know!

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