Best Iceland wedding photos

Most couples who hire me tell me that they’re not interested in being the center of attention for the entire day. We end up talking about our dream travel locations and honeymoon plans.

Colby and I exchanged countless emails and I won’t lie – I was extremely excited about creating the best Italy wedding photos for her, but a few scheduling turns (and a pandemic) brought us to instead, creating the best Iceland wedding photos! 


Most throw the celebration so that they can have fun with their family and friends… and to have some of the best wedding photos of their life, of course. ???? 


which then got rescheduled several times. 

They then threw their plans to the wind, and decided to have a small wedding in Charleston, officiated by Dad, and then exchange personal vows in Iceland – a location that was special to both of them.


If you love epic landscapes, Iceland may be an an amazing option for your destination wedding! The country offers a lot of variety when it comes to scenic locations for weddings – from lava fields, to glaciers, waterfalls and black beaches.

There are also plentiful opportunities for outdoor activities as well as museums and galleries which provide plenty of photo ops during the course of your stay.

It’s no wonder this Nordic country has become such a popular choice for destination weddings and even elopements around the world!

Exploring natural wonders

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole ChanI spent three days exploring the Iceland with Colby and David! Aside from doing wedding photography, we also got the chance to experience the gorgeous sceneries Iceland has.

This photo at the Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara) is one of my favorites.

Iceland elopment - Iceland elopement phtographer Nicole ChanLook at how natural Colby and David are with the Icelandic Horses! ????

Fun fact: This is the only breed of horse on the island. 

This is earning a spot on their fridge, and I have never been more proud. 

The best artwork I’ve ever seen of Iceland ???? Ink drawing by David!

Gatklettur Stone ArchIceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole Chan

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole ChanWe wandered for a long time to find this arch… and I had inadvertently walked over it before realizing that we had found it!

Another Fun Fact:

Legend claims that the magnificent arch was made by Bárður Snæfellsás, hero of the Icelandic saga for whom the region is named.

Cheers to this adorable couple!

Champagne sprays are always fun! Shake shake shake! They picked up this bottle at duty free, brought it all over Iceland with them, and then shared it at the last spot we photographed at. It was warm, but who cares?

Cozying up in Iceland

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole Chan

They stayed in a Tiny house on Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It was a working horse farm. 

We stayed on a sheep farm about 10 minutes away. 

Iceland is such a beautiful country that aside from weddings, it’s a popular elopement destination too, especially for a couple who ould want something private or more intimate.

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopment photographer Nicole Chan

Furry witness!

This little guy decided to crash their wedding. He wasn’t going to miss this romantic moment!

Please get this painted!

A Ring Exchange

The weather is here to cheer for the couple

After five straight days of Iceland rain drizzles, the sun came out for a quick second!

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole ChanColby wore her black Italian leather jacket, as a nod to her destination wedding plans in Florence, Italy.

Icelandic sun, thank you for peeking out for a second. I appreciate you.

Iceland elopement - Iceland elopement photographer Nicole Chan

Don’t let those vows blow away!

Iceland elopement- Iceland elopement photographer Nicole Chan

GAME OF THRONES FANS… This is Arrowhead mountain!

On the first day of our Icelandic adventure, it DOWNPOURED.

Like, complete notebook-style!

Iceland wedding photographers Nicole Chan

They embraced the rain as they walked hand in hand on the black sand, and I really love them for that.  

There’s a mood to this photo that I’m in love with.

Love is in the City

Next Stop: Reykjavik, Iceland which is the capital city of the country.

An almost icelandic wedding wouldn’t be complete without visiting not just it’s stunning nature views but also these adventurous city scapes.

This is Harpa, a concert hall and conference centre. I love the cool shapes, and how it resembles the basalt columns. 

Reykjavik, Iceland wedding photographer Nicole Chan
Reykjavik, Iceland wedding photographer Nicole Chan
Iceland wedding photographer Nicole Chan

Icelandic water curtains

One of my favorite “foss’es” – seljalandsfoss!

Foss means waterfall!

Wedding photographer Iceland - Nicole Chan
Iceland wedding photographer Nicole Chan
Iceland wedding

Iceland weddingYou two belong on the cover of a magazine.

Iceland weddingMountains, water, cliffs, lots of stinky birds – We had it all. ???? 

Iceland wedding
Iceland wedding

Together For A Lifetime

With Iceland’s wonderful landscapes, you can capture a lot of moments that seem like magic- perfect for wedding photographers who wuold like to feature nature as its backdrop!

From rock formations and volcanoes with vibrant flowing lava to waterfalls, it brings about incredible images for any special day.

In this country, weddings can have a sense of adventure and enjoy the gorgeous landscape and elopements are not just private (just the two of you together, enjoying the cozy hot springs) but pretty romantic as well. For weddings and elopement photography, this is definitely a recommended country!

Special Thanks!

Colby and David, thank you so much – for your trust, for giving me freedom to suggest photo locations, and for even pushing your wedding dinner back 3 hours so that I could continue photographing you two. 

You two are an inspiration – from the way you two talk about life, to your core values, and your sense of adventure. 

I’m so happy to have created some of the best Iceland wedding photos for you. Please know that whenever we’re in a different country together, that I’d like to photograph you both again! ???? Italy 2023? 

Special thanks to Karen for always being my creative right hand woman, to Jason for being the best drone pilot (and husband) in the world, to James for being an amazing voice-activated light stand.

To the village that helped me take care of Baby Henry while I galavanted through Iceland with Colby and David, I appreciate you. Thanks Mom, Aunt Sally, Melinda, Greg, and Norm. ????

Iceland Elopement/Iceland Wedding Photographer

They always say that the grass is greener, but in this case, I think that it’s insane that photographers from this country get to photograph here all the time.

I loved my experience with David and Colby, and can’t wait for the next adventure!

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