Best Asian Makeup Artist in Boston: A Guide to Perfecting Your Special Day Look

Ironically, I’ve had my makeup done by artists who are undoubtedly skilled, but seem unfamiliar with my Chinese facial features and skin type. I’ve experienced makeup sessions where my monolid eyes smudge before I even get up from the chair, and artists who spend ages applying eyeshadow that disappears the moment I open my eyes.

I’ve been fortunate to work with the best of the best. Artists that truly bring out my clients’ best features, while respecting their skin tone, eye shape, and skin texture.

Do I think that a makeup artist needs to be ethnically Asian in order to be proficient in makeup for Asian people? Absolutely not.

Did I put “Best Asian Makeup Artist” in the title because it’s what is most likely googled? Absolutely.

I hope you’ll forgive me for playing the Google game.

I also hope you understand that I stand for all things diverse and inclusive.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s get to it!

My list of favorite Boston wedding day makeup artists

Sydney Hunt Artistry

I’ve worked with Sydney dozens of times, both for commercial/advertising work, as well as weddings. We’ve even done a project at a resort in the Berkshires where we stayed together for several days for a multi-day shoot. She is so calming and a wonderful listener. She’s funny, and fun to be around.

Sydney Hunt’s work is a testament to her artistic skill and understanding of makeup as a form of personal expression. She does an amazing job at creating beautiful, lasting looks for her clients, ensuring satisfaction and exceptional results for every event. Specializing in a broad range of styles from the subtle and natural to the bold and dramatic, Sydney adapts her approach to each client’s unique features and preferences. Her expertise in working with Asian skin tones and features, including mastering techniques for accentuating asian features, makes her a sought-after makeup artist in Boston. Sydney’s recognition extends to being featured in Boston Magazine, highlighting her as a top choice for bridal makeup.

Bonus: Sydney’s team also does wedding hair!

Yin Tom Studio

Yin Tom is kind, funny, and holy moly – she is an EFFICIENT makeup artist.

She brings joyful energy, is a master of a timeline, and kicks absolutely butt at always bringing a smile.

At Yin Tom Studio, the focus is on enhancing beauty through personalized hair and makeup services, while honoring individuality. Yin Tom’s extensive background in makeup artistry, combined with a keen eye for detail, ensures that every client looks radiant and feels confident. Specializing in Asian makeup, Yin Tom Studio offers personalized beauty experiences that cater to each client’s unique needs, including diverse styles and features. In the spirit of creating memorable experiences, Yin Tom Studio cherishes ‘love notes’ from clients, reflecting on the personalized and high-quality service that touches the heart of every bride. Her team can handle both hair and makeup for you!

Jenny Luu Bridal Hair + Makeup

Everyone loves Jenny Luu. She is kind, sweet, and thoughtful.

Jenny is a master of creating looks that blend contemporary trends with classic elegance, specializing in Asian bridal makeup and wedding hair, making her a standout in the Boston area. Her approach focuses on enhancing her client’s natural beauty, ensuring that every bride feels like the best version of herself on her wedding day. Every client Jenny has worked with looked gorgeous, embodying the essence of refined elegance and beauty.

Maryelle Artistry

Maryelle Artistry has built a reputation for excellence in the Boston beauty scene, particularly for their work with Asian brides and clients, thanks to their team of makeup artists known for their expertise in creating looks that cater to various skin types and preferences.

The expertise lies in creating flawless, enduring looks that highlight each client’s best features on the wedding day. Each makeup artist at Maryelle Artistry is dedicated to making every client feel gorgeous and confident for any occasion. Clients have reported that the makeup stayed on flawlessly for the entire day, maintaining its elegance through tears, laughter, and dancing, which speaks volumes about the quality and durability of the makeup artists’ services.

Bonus: Their team also does wedding hair!

[This article will be updated soon with South Asian makeup artists I love!]

Clean makeup beauty brands I love

Since you’re here, I’m going to make a couple of assumptions

  1. You may have eastern Asian facial features
  2. You may be helping someone find a makeup artist with eastern Asian facial features
  3. You are my mom or aunt and are interested in seeing what I am writing about. (I love you!)

Anyway, over the last several years, my husband and I have been making healthy changes to our lifestyle (ie: changing cookware, being cognizant about where our food comes from, etc.)

One of my areas is to use clean beauty products. Here are some that I’ve really loved.

Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty masterfully combines makeup with skincare, ensuring your skin benefits from every application. Their commitment to clean, effective products makes them a top choice.


Rooted in Kyoto craftsmanship, Tatcha is a luxury brand that combines traditional Japanese botanicals with cutting-edge skincare science.

Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily brings you the best of K-beauty, focusing on innovative products that deliver clear, glowing skin.

Chinese and Indian wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island by Nicole Chan Photography
independence harbor wedding photography boston chinese wedding by karen lane of nicole chan photography
independence harbor wedding photography boston chinese wedding by karen lane of nicole chan photography
independence harbor wedding photography boston chinese wedding by karen lane of nicole chan photography
independence harbor wedding photography boston chinese wedding by karen lane of nicole chan photography
Chinese and Indian wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island by Nicole Chan Photography

As a photographer who deeply cares about how brides look and feel on their wedding day, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right makeup artist, and the right fit for wedding vendors, in general. A good makeup artist isn’t just someone who applies products; they enhance your natural beauty in a way that’s perfectly suited for photography. The synergy between your hair stylist and makeup artist plays a crucial role, ensuring your hair and makeup look flawless, cohesive, and true to your style. It’s vital to pick a makeup artist who has experience with hair and makeup for Asian brides, as they’ll be familiar with the best techniques and products for your specific features. I’ve seen how the right hair and makeup artist can boost a bride’s confidence, making her feel stunning inside and out. Some couples choose to do professional makeup and hair for their engagement photos, and then use the photos for their wedding websites! In my experience, a makeup artist who skillfully manages both hair and makeup will not only make you look your best but will also transform your entire day. Choose a makeup artist who you trust completely and who understands the aesthetics of hair and makeup that you’re looking for. Remember, a great makeup artist will ensure your hair and makeup stay perfect from the first photo to the last dance.

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