Backyard Wedding Photos – Liz + Elad

Liz and Elad’s backyard wedding photos are filled with joy… and some pretty great dance moves, too!

Liz and Elad are both fun-loving people, and their dance floor was never empty! The dance moves that came out throughout the night showed just how goofy, happy, and excited their guests were.

Their proposal story is one of the sweetest ones we’ve heard!

When we first heard Liz and Elad’s proposal story, we knew their wedding would be filled with family and emotion. Elad, along with his sons, Yahli and Ivry, took Liz out to dinner at Eastern Standard. During dinner, the boys pulled out a letter for Liz that said how much they love her and that they would be happy if she would marry their dad! That’s when Elad got on one knee and asked Liz to be his wife. 🙂

Their backyard wedding photos show a day that was sweet and intimate.

Family was celebrated above all, and Liz and Elad were beaming throughout the day! Congratulations to Liz and Elad, and thank you for including us in your incredible wedding day!

Special thanks to the wonderful team that we had the pleasure of working with for Liz and Elad’s backyard wedding photos!

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