20 Ways To Get Your First Wedding Clients

How do you get your first wedding clients?

As a wedding photographer, you’re responsible for capturing one of the most critical days in a couple’s life. It’s a demanding job, but it’s also gratifying. When photographing a wedding, there are many things to consider, from choosing the right camera gear to capturing the perfect shot. You’ve already got this covered and are now ready to share your artistic skills with couples. But one challenge new photographers must also overcome is how to get their first clients to establish themselves out there.

Are you a wedding photographer who is struggling to get your first clients? If so, you’re not alone. Shooting weddings can be a competitive business, but you can start filling your calendar with wedding bookings with the right marketing strategies. This blog post will share twenty ways to get your first wedding clients. Read on to learn more!

1. Build Your Wedding Photography Portfolio

Building your portfolio is key to getting clients if you’re a wedding photographer. But how do you put together a portfolio that will make people want to hire you? Here are some tips to help you get started. 

First, make sure your portfolio is easy to navigate. Organize it by type of shot, by location, or by the wedding season. 

Use various images to showcase your work, from group shots to close-ups. And be sure to include a few paragraphs about each shoot, telling the story behind the photos. 

Finally, make sure your website looks professional and is easy to use. Potential clients will undoubtedly check out your website before hiring you, so make sure it’s up to par with today’s standards! 

2. Network with Other Photographers To Get Wedding Clients

Weddings are all about the couple. However, wedding photography is all about the photos. As a wedding photographer, you know that networking with other photographers is important to get those referrals and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. 

It’s no secret that networking is essential for business success. But did you know that networking is just as crucial for wedding photographers? Networking with other photographers can be the key to landing more gigs and building your business. Here are a few reasons why networking with other photographers is so important: 

1. You can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. 

2. You can collaborate on projects. 

3. You can share resources. 

4. You can refer clients to each other. 

5. You can build relationships that could lead to future opportunities. 

So what are you waiting for? Start networking with other photographers today!

3. Do Photoshoot Giveaways

It’s no secret that the photography industry is competitive. Especially when it comes to wedding photography, every couple wants to make sure they have beautiful photos of their big day that they can cherish forever. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition? Some photographers are turning to photoshoot giveaways to attract new clients. 

When you consider giving away a photoshoot giveaway, this is also a great way to show appreciation to your clients and get them excited about booking sessions with you in the future. Try to look at some of the most popular photoshoot giveaways that photographers are using today and, based on that, create your giveaway and choose the right combination of the prize. Be creative!

4. Run contests for couples

Are you looking for a fun way to give back to your clients and engage them with your work? If so, consider running a photoshoot giveaway contest! These contests are a great way to get people excited about your work and give them a chance to win something special- both potential clients and past clients.

5. Do a Styled Photoshoot

When most people think of a photoshoot, they think of a person or group of people being photographed in an outdoor location. While this is certainly one type of photoshoot, there are many other types. A styled photoshoot, for example, is a great way to showcase your creative skills and show off your unique vision. 

So what exactly is a style photoshoot? In essence, it’s a photoshoot that has been carefully planned and choreographed to create a specific look or feel. This could mean setting up the scene in a particular way, using particular props, or even dressing the subjects in costumes or clothes. You can create stunning and eye-catching images that will eventually captivate prospective clients by planning everything out in advance. 

Doing a styled photoshoot may be the way to go. By creating a beautiful and professional-looking shoot, you can show off your skills and find wedding photography clients. This will help you get your business started, allowing you to build your portfolio. 

6. Maximize the Power of Social Media

Nowadays, social media is a massive part of our lives. It can be a great way for wedding photographers to connect with potential clients and showcase their work. It would help if you considered using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help you reach a wider audience with your work. By creating engaging content and using effective marketing techniques, you can attract new customers and grow your business. 

But it’s not just about getting the word out there – social media can also be an invaluable tool for building relationships with clients and creating an online community around your business. 

7. Blogging has its Benefits

When most people think of blogging, they think about personal journals updated frequently with musings and thoughts on life. But many people don’t realize that blogs can be used for so much more – from promoting a business to driving traffic to a website, blogs can serve as an essential marketing tool. Consider learning how to start a blog or make your blog more effective.

Picture this: You’re a wedding photographer. It’s a beautiful day, and you’ve been hired to document an extraordinary occasion. As the hours fly by, you take pictures of the bride and groom exchanging vows, cutting the cake, and dancing the night away. You pack up your equipment and head home. But before you do, you upload all of your photos to your blog. Within minutes, you get comments from happy couples who have just seen their wedding pictures online. They loved how you captured all the little moments that meant so much to them on their big day! And they can’t wait to book you for their next event!

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that blogging is a great way to build your business. Not only does it help you connect with potential clients, but it also gives you a platform to share your work and expertise. But if you’re new to blogging, the process can seem daunting. Where do you start? What should you write about? And how often should you blog? These are just some of the questions you need to consider when starting a blog for your photography business. But don’t worry- it’s all going to be worth it!

8. Pay to get listed on wedding sites

So you’re a wedding photographer, and you’re looking for ways to drum up more business. You’ve heard that advertising is a great way to do that, but you’re not sure how to go about it or the costs involved. 

First, learn about a basic overview of advertising options for wedding photographers and how much they cost. Keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on your location and the size of your market. But this should give you a good starting point as you begin to explore advertising opportunities.

You must start advertising. Advertising can be a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. There are many different types of advertising, so you need to find one that will work best for you. You may want to consider using online advertising or social media advertising. These types of advertising can be very effective and affordable. 

And where should you advertise? Research some of the most effective ways to market your wedding photography business and explore how much you can expect to pay for each type of ad. 

Popular advertising sites are The Knot and Wedding Wire. 

9. Participate in Wedding Shows or Wedding Expos

As a professional wedding photographer, you know that participating in wedding shows is the best way to get more clients. These events allow you to meet potential clients face-to-face and show them your photography style. This will help you gain new clients, but it will also help build your reputation within the wedding industry. So if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, participating in wedding shows is a great option!

10. Submit images for Publication to gain exposure

Are you a wedding photographer struggling to make a name for yourself? Are you tired of your work sitting on your computer, or worse, being hidden away in an online gallery that no one ever visits? It’s time to start publishing your photos! This will get your work seen by more people, but it can also help you build a portfolio and attract new clients.

 Have you put together an album or book of your photos from weddings and other events? If not, you should! Publishing your photos can be a great way to show them off and generate some extra income. There are several options for posting your photos, so take a look at the different ways that might work best for you. 

If you’re looking to get your work seen by more people, submitting your images to publications is a great way to do it. By getting published in magazines, online galleries, and other outlets, you can expose your work to a broader audience and get some valuable exposure for your business. 

11. Spread the word within your community

As a wedding photographer, you know that building a successful business takes more than taking great photos. It takes networking, marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals to get your name out there. 

Get involved in your local community to gain more exposure. There are likely several organizations, clubs, or groups that you can join to connect with potential clients. Start by doing some online searching or checking with your local Chamber of Commerce. 

Becoming an expert on wedding photography can also be a bonus. When people have questions about photography services for their upcoming wedding, they will naturally turn to someone they trust – and that’s going to be you!

12. Be a second shooter

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that it can be tough to get hired as the primary photographer for a wedding. Even if you have the best portfolio globally, there’s always someone willing to work for less money. If you’re looking to attract more clients, consider becoming a second shooter. As a second shooter, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your skills and prove that you’re worth hiring as the primary photographer for future weddings. This will help you attract more clients, but it can also help you build relationships with other photographers in your area.

Second shooters are an essential part of the wedding photography team. They help ensure that the day goes smoothly and that all the vital shots are captured. If you’re thinking about becoming a second shooter, here are some things to consider. 

Make sure that you have a good understanding of how weddings work. Know what the photographer is looking for, and be prepared to help wherever needed. Secondly, be aware of your limitations. There may be times when you need to step in and take over for the main photographer, and there may be times when you need to stay out of the way. Finally, be respectful of the other photographers. 

13. Be on websites like Craiglist

You may be wondering how you can attract more wedding photography clients. One way to do this is by being on websites like Craiglist. 

You can create a listing for your business and provide information about your services. This will help potential clients learn more about what you offer and how they can hire you for their wedding. It’s essential to ensure that your listing is accurate and up-to-date so that potential clients have a good impression of your business. Being active online can reach more potential clients and grow your wedding photography business.

14. Influencer marketing 

Collaborate and offer your services for free in exchange for social media promotion. Influencer marketing is a great way to connect with potential clients who may not have heard of you before. By working with a credible and well-known influencer, you can reach a new audience that is interested in your work. And, best of all, influencer marketing is relatively affordable compared to other advertising methods. So, if you’re looking for some new ways to grow your business, consider giving influencer marketing a try!

15. Ask friends and family if you can photograph them for free 

If you’re a wedding photographer looking to gain more clients, one way to do that is by photographing friends and family members for free. This will give you the opportunity to show off your skills and talent, and it may lead to more paid photography jobs in the future. When asking friends and family if you can photograph them, be sure to let them know that you’ll be giving them a digital copy of all the photos taken at no cost. And, of course, be professional and courteous when shooting their session. 

16. Ask venues if they need help with marketing photos

Are you a wedding photographer who’s looking for new venues to book gigs? If so, consider asking the venues if they need help with marketing photos. Many venues would be happy to get professional-quality photos of their space to use on their website and social media profiles. Not only could this lead to more gigs for you, but it also could help the venue build its brand and attract new clients. So don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!

17. Connect with wedding planners

Wedding planners are always on the lookout for talented photographers to work with, and by connecting with them, you can increase your chances of getting hired for upcoming weddings. To get started, reach out to local wedding planners and see if they would be interested in working with you. You can also join online communities or forums where wedding planners frequently discuss photography services. Whatever route you choose, make sure that you put your best foot forward and showcase your skills as a photographer. 

18. Run facebook and instagram ads

Are you a wedding photographer who is looking for ways to gain more clients? If so, you should consider running ads on Facebook and Instagram. This can be a great way to reach more potential customers and attract new business. By targeting your audience carefully and creating eye-catching ads, you can significantly boost your bottom line. So don’t wait any longer – start advertising today!

19. Post some some of your best works more frequently

Are you having a hard time getting clients for your wedding photography? If you’re not posting your best work regularly, then you might be losing out on business. Potential clients will want to see what you’re capable of, so make sure to showcase your skills prominently on your website and social media pages. By regularly sharing your best work, you’ll show potential clients that you’re talented and trustworthy – two qualities they’ll definitely want in a wedding photographer. 

Keep in mind that quality is key; if your photos are blurry or poorly composed, potential clients will likely move on to someone else. So make sure to snap some amazing shots and share them with the world!

20. Give Incentives to your Referrals

When you’re starting out as a wedding photographer, it can be tough to get your business off the ground. One great way to drum up some business is to get referrals from friends and family. But how do you incentivize them to refer people your way? Here are a few ideas that might help. 

1) Offer a discount on photography services for every referral that leads to a booking. 

2) Give away free prints or other products for every referral that results in a booking. 

3) Send a personalized thank-you note (or even better, visit them in person) for every referral that turns into a booked wedding. 

No matter which strategy you use, make sure you thank your referrers wholeheartedly.

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