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Life is meant to be lived. Desserts are made to be eaten.

My name is Nicole. I'm a Boston wedding and portrait photographer and I: can eat more chocolate than you can (Dark and milk. We all know that white doesn't really count.), speak quickly (so keep up!) and live to travel, play board games and laugh 'till my cheeks hurt

My style is a mix of documentary and beautiful, casually posed portraits. Capturing real moments unobtrusively is always my ultimate goal. I strive to capture reflective and meaningful photographs. Above all, I believe that photography should never be a cookie-cutter experience.

The relationship between a couple and their wedding photographer is important to me. Her photographic style should speak to you, move you and captivate you. Personality is vital - I believe the best images are created when there is chemistry. It's about trust and the comfortable feeling of having someone who you trust be there for you. I promise to hustle, bustle, and work my absolute hardest to make your experience fun, comfortable and as stress-free as possible - because that's what you deserve.

Feel free to drop me a line, anytime:

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In terms of my art background, my roots are in painting, Chinese brush watercolors. In college, my first finance professor had a South African accent, and I fell in love. I declared the major, took a bunch of finance classes AND THEN HE LEFT THE SCHOOL! (Professor Larkan, if you're out there, we need to talk.)

For the "how I got started" story, if we get to hang out, I'll tell you about my previous life, a finance major that went into management consulting (Deloitte!), and how life was fun, but sadly unfulfilling. So why weddings, you ask? Simple. I believe in the power of love... and I really like cake.

Jason and I had our portraits taken by about 20 wedding photographers during a workshop. I now know what it's like to be in front of the camera. I SYMPATHIZE WITH YOU ALL! I promise to make it as least awkward as possible by having an arsenal of cheesy jokes, giving you lots of direction/feedback and being my usual ridiculous self. :) I wrote a blog post about my experiences being in FRONT of the camera and how I think it made me a better photographer.

Photo credit (left to right): (Deborah Zoe,  Deborah ZoeOlivia Gird)

I live to travel. A snapshot of the last few years: Mom and I at Machu Picchu. Me scuba diving the Thistlegorm shipwreck in the Red Sea, Egypt. Dilys and I on camels in Jordan. Theresa and I with ridiculously large sunglasses... for absolutely no reason. Each year, my closest friends and family, take a group trip somewhere in the world for a couple of weeks. We've done Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and the big hitters in Asia (Thailand, Japan, Korea, China and HK). Next year, we've finalized our trip to TANZANIA!

Funny story about my mom (upper left): My aunt and mom hired construction workers for my grandfather's home. One of the construction workers recognized my aunt, because he photographed her wedding!! My mom then says, "See Nicole, you never know. In 20 years, you might be in construction."

I have the laziest dog alive. For most of the day (~20-22 hours/day), she's sleeping under my desk or using my chair as a pillow in my home studio. For a husky, she's a runt at 35 lbs, but a super-strong puller and is blazing fast! Fun fact #1: Sledder and I competed in an urban mushing competition where she pulled me on my mountain bike. Fun fact #2: I didn't really learn how to ride a bike until age 23. I know. Crazy. Don't judge!

My younger brother, Alex, is Autistic. The people who have helped him and my family inspire me. My mother, with all her strength, inspires me. Countless people have touched my life in ways that I can't even describe. I've tried to express how appreciative I am, but sometimes, a "thank you" just isn't enough. Nicole Chan Photography LLC donates a portion to help Autistic individuals and research (Autism Speaks, National Foundation for Autism Research). To all my past couples and future couples, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not only allowing me to photograph the first day of your life together, but also enabling me to help families like mine.

Alex can assemble puzzles better and faster than anyone I know. He takes incredibly complex ones (1000+ pieces from MULTIPLE puzzles), flips them upside down onto their cardboard side, and piece them together in a matter of minutes. He's also got a funny thing where he likes to line things up (hence the magazines and other rectangular items) on his bedroom floor. Alex, you've played such a big part in my childhood and the way I see the world. You rock. Thank you.

I'm honored to have my work featured in 30+ amazing publications (both in print and online - including Grace Ormonde, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty - Massachusetts)

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